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Custom Hanging Banners - Very Affordable Way of Promoting Your Business

Press Release   •   Oct 14, 2016 20:11 AEDT

Custom Hanging BannersMost folks assume that a hanging banner is one that is broadly rectangular in shape and is hung from the ceiling or pole or a peg on a wall. They would only be partly correct because modern technology has changed the very definition of a hanging banner – at least in terms of shape.

Modern hanging banners can now be perfectly circular – to put it around a pillar for example, a perfect square – to place around a booth or pillar or even an entire building. Your hanging banner could be triangular or a tapered square, a tapered circle or even a tapered triangle, a pinwheel shape or wave shaped or round as a football and yes; even a curved square.

All these shapes are very eye-catching and look great especially when hung from the ceiling in a large indoor space. In fact, a hanging banner is great for leisure centres, shopping centres, in-store promotions, outdoor promos, sports and music venues etc. So long as the weather is cool and there are no rains expected, you could use them in any outdoor space you want. As a rule of thumb however, hanging designs are more suited to indoor areas.

Hanging Banner Printing Sydney can be anything from 5 feet in width all the way up to 20 feet and more. They can stretch from 24 inches to 72 inches in height and can be printed on one-side or both sides with either the same message and graphics on both sides or two different ones. Generally, stretch fabric is used in the making of these hanging banners. Stretch fabric is economical, attractive and retains the print well.

When it comes to designing a hanging Banner Signage rules apply. Meaning, what you choose and see is what you get so you have to be careful as the colours and text fonts you select as not all colours and text fonts are created equal. Some look great on the computer screen but when the hanging banner is put out, you might find that certain colours are not clearly visible in natural light or maybe not clearly visiting in florescent lighting and so forth. Similarly, some text fonts that look great on the computer screen might be tough to read from a distance. The creative designer at the signage company will guide as to the best colours and text fonts for optimum visibility.

Once you think you have finalised the creative, it's okay to take a day to play it in your mind – you know, just to be sure. You can even ask for a sample to be printed just so you know how the finished product actually looks like. You can take it to the spot where it will be hung and hang it there (if possible). Ask your friends their opinion or budget permitting, you might want to involve a sales expert right from the start.

Once you have the design and message finalised, most signage companies will deliver the finished hanging banners in the quantities you require in three days or so - but they do accommodate rush jobs.

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