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Decorating your Home or Office with Custom Wall Decals

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2016 21:51 AEST

Custom Wall DecalsLeverage your creative instincts and use it to change the décor of your room. Sydney City Signs now lets you create high-quality custom wall decals and Wallies that bring new life to your room. See your appreciation of everyday life add new Zen to your interior décor.

Think about it – wall decals is not something new; they have been around since ancient times. The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Indians and even Aborigines of Australia used it to not only express themselves but also as a record of their history. If we go all the way back to human life in caves, archaeologists found that cavemen used burnt wood, chalk, sooth and other material to paint everyday scenes and even stick flowers and plants into holes and notches in the rock wall. In a sense, human expression through wall decals began with the caveman.

Today, thanks to modern technology, wall decals can be used to dramatically change a room's ambience and décor. You can use custom wall decals to reinvent any plain indoor space and give it a new life within minutes - at a cost that won't break the bank.

Typically, wall decals or Wallies as they are sometimes called, are characterised by the materials of which they are made and also their design. Wall decals are generally made from laminated paper or matte vinyl with an adhesive applied to its underside. These days’ wall decals usually have a laminate overlay that protects the decal print from damage when removed from a wall surface. This is useful especially when you need to remove and reposition a wall decal.

While most suppliers offer pre-cut and pre-printed wall decal designs, at Sydney City Signs you can provide and improvise on your own designs to create your own custom and totally unique wall decal. Modern Boat Lettering last for years and retain their colour and shine.

You can even use your design or select from one of the thousands of designs available; alter your selected design and create a custom wall murals that covers an entire wall. You can choose from sports themes, cartoon character, nurseries, nature based themes, science and so forth or; you can choose from abstract and geometric patterns or even a mix of more than one theme.

Apart from redecorating an indoor space, custom Vinyl Banner Printing can also be used for corporate branding. Custom vinyl wall decals are a very cost-effective alternative to hiring an interior designers. A vinyl wall decal adds depth, flair and visual interest to any indoor space or wall.

Before you order wall decals from anywhere, visit Sydney City Signs and let your expression and creative instincts do the talking – see your wall develop a character that is so you! More information on Sydney City Signs here:

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