Elegantly Crafted & Highest Quality Designs of Lyon Chair from AnnandaleInteriors

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2017 17:14 AEDT

Leather ChairsBeautiful Design and Supreme Quality

Are you in the process of designing and decorating the interior of your new home? Are you in search of interior products that are high quality, unique, and stunningly elegant? If you’re looking for pieces designed to accommodate your personal tastes, Annandale Interiors offers a wide array of beautiful and well-crafted products made to bring style and dignified fashion to living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and more. Annandale Interiors offers a wide array of products in a variety of styles, including:

- Commercial and Contract
- Industrial
- Home Office
- Library
- Classic
- Coastal
- Modern
- Apartment Living
- Manor House

The Lyon Chair – A French Classic

Annandale Interiors offers supreme quality chairs that will serve as a beautiful and functional conversation piece in your home. One such chair is the Lyon Chair, an absolutely gorgeous piece under the Classic section. This vintage beauty is a French classic dining chair made from luxurious and skilled craftsmanship. The Lyon Chair offered at Annandale Interiors has been crafted with superb cherry wood and walnut timber, adding an earthy and mature feel that would look wonderful in any classic-themed room. If you’re looking for something to bring a graceful, classical presence to your Modern Dining Tables Australia, the Lyon Chair offered at Annandale Interiors is a great choice.

About Annandale Interiors

Annandale Interiors is unique in that it is a family-run business that has been around since 1984, helping add exquisite style and class to homes across Sydney, Australia. They specialize in offering pieces that are truly unique for a wide range of personal tastes and room styles. Their goals as a business is to provide customer satisfaction by providing furniture and houseware that adds value and completion to the rooms of your home. For each product on their website, they offer a useful enquiring page to make it easier for you to receive information about the piece you’re interested in, as well as the opportunity to make additional requests. Annandale Interiors also offers the following perks for customers:

- Home visits and design advice
- Free quotes for decoration prices, with the ability to book home visits online
- Products made from high quality wood, leather, and other materials
- Friendly and prompt service by a locally owned and operated business

A Complete Room = A Beautiful Home

Each area in your house has a unique and special purpose, and it’s important that each room gives off a positive and tasteful atmosphere according to your style, hobbies, and interests. Whether you are completely designing the home of your dreams or just looking for a sofa or chair to accent your living room or office, Annandale Interior gives you a range of options. Annandale Interior offers products, such as the Lyon Chair, that help create an air of sophistication and grace to any room of your home. The way you feel when you walk through you house is just as important as the possessions you have, and that’s why Annandale Interiors is a great option if you’re seeking classy, personalized Homestead Chair furniture and houseware.

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