Enhance The Exterior Of Your Home With Channel Stop Awnings

Press Release   •   Aug 04, 2017 15:52 AEST

Channel Stop AwningsAustralians love to entertain outdoors although the weather may play spoilsport more often than not. Unpredictable weather does not allow you to use the extended space of the verandah, balcony or patio for this purpose. However, the issue can be easily remedied by putting up channel stop awnings outside your balcony or patio. With channel stop awnings, the exterior of your home will remain cool allowing you to use the space for entertaining and relaxation even in the summer.

A big advantage of putting up channel stop awnings is that it works as a shading system for your home interiors as well. The ultraviolet rays of the sun which cause fading of furnishings and interiors are blocked even before they reach the window panes. As a result, the interiors remain protected from the harmful rays as well as the heat gain on a hot summer day. Channel stop awnings are perfect to increase the usable space in a residential setting. They provide shade and allow the home owner to enjoy the outdoors while also improving the look of the exteriors.

In a commercial setting , channel stop awnings serve a dual purpose. Not only do they extend the usable space, they can also be used as advertising space for the commercial establishment. The fabric and materials used for channel stop awnings can be used as signage by screen printing the name and logo to advertise the business. Commercial establishments find it useful to put up channel stop awnings as they also protect the window displays and stocks from the harsh sun rays.

Channel stop awnings are quite popular as a shading system to enhance the exterior of your home as they are easy to maintain and operate. An electric remote control is used to extend and retract the awnings. There is no need for extensive electrical wiring, only an external power supply is required. The awnings are controlled by a radio linked system and run on battery power. So, they can be extended, stopped and retracted as and when required with a touch of the button.

Spring operated top rollers and side channels allow the user to easily extend and retract the awning. It can also be locked at a pre-set position for added convenience. Awnings Orange are thus a convenient option if your home or commercial organisation needs a shading system that can be kept out of the way when not required.

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