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Eurodb adds online features

Press Release   •   Sep 13, 2010 15:42 AEST

Melbourne, Victoria, Eurodb Automotive, an innovative and a growing Internet cars sale advertising service provider has shared archive of deals
of sold cars on the company website as an additional feature for customers. The details of the deals of sold cars that will work to the customer

Eurodb Automotive website provides quick and easy advertising platform for used car. Any private car owner or car dealer can register free and
upload technical and financial information of the cars for deals. The website allows uploading of used car photos for dealer and private owners
registered on the site, and update till the car gains is sold.Now the online cars sale advertising provider portal has made available archive of deals signed by customers on its website for information and understanding for customers while making deals online. The details provided on the deals include the pricing and every technical detail of the cars sold through the company. Archived deal information makes it easy for sellers to make realistic assessment of the price value of the used or new cars.

Australia’s leading online automobile web platform, Eurodb also offers free used car valuation to be sold and allows comparison of used car
valuations. Marketing trends in valuation and realizing the value is important which varies with supply and demand. Thus, the availability of
sold cars details assists the used car sellers to determine and quote a realistic price and assists in expediting deals. With the growing trend among automobile sellers and buyers to log online to make deals, Eurodb, Australia offers a satisfying experience through various offerings on the website. The information on sold cars is likely to further add to customer comfort.

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