Expertly Designed and Powder Coated Finished Aluminium Products

Press release   •   Feb 13, 2014 17:35 AEDT

Powder CoatedAluminium is one of the best materials used for a number of purposes for the construction of buildings. It is also used to build balustrades, fencing and gates for security and protection. Unlike steel material aluminium products are available in an affordable price range.

Stair case balustrading products are durable, uniform and have a high quality smooth finish. Powder coating method is applied to all aluminium products in a variety of methods. This process is suitable for both domestic and industrial aluminium furniture and equipment.

A decorative and highly protective powder coating can enhance the features of Cheap Aluminium Railings systems as well as the architectural aluminium fencing. The coating consists of ground mixture of resin and pigments, and the fine particles are sprayed on the aluminium surface to be coated. Aluminium structures are then heated in a special curing oven to make them electric current resistant.

Custom aluminium extrusions products are widely used around the world due to their various benefits.

Benefits of Powder Coated Finished Aluminium

* The powder coating is durable and highly protective due to the strong coating mixture. It is thick and is permanently fused into the aluminium material resulting in a longer product lifespan.
* Aluminium material does not need high expenditure on powder coatings thus, cost-effective.
* Powder coating method used for aluminium is much safer than the liquid finishing process.
* Aluminium is a non-volatile material; hence no harmful organic compounds are released into the climate, making the powder coating process environmental and health-friendly.
* The coating substance is free from carcinogens which can be found in almost all liquid coatings and finishes.
* Powder coatings and finishes are preferred as their production mostly requires a low amount of energy.
* The unwanted and useful wastes of powder coating can be easily disposed in the most environmental friendly methods.
* Glass Balustrades products are less corrosive.
* Powder coating finishes have smooth, metallic and textured colours which can be used according to your choice.

Strength and Durability of Powder Coated Aluminium Products

Powder coated finishing is strong and protective. The process usually consists of a one-time coating. Because of its high density and strength of spray particles, the coating is twice as durable and permanent as that of the liquid finish.

Powder coated aluminium structures can function properly without its high maintenance. The aluminium material used for fencing, handrails, balustrades and gates is treated internally by powder finishes to resist the weather changes and the hot sunlight.

The fantastic and smooth colours can add special effects and class to all aluminium products. Aluminium channel systems are one of the best decorative and security options for houses and balconies, and powder coatings can make them visually perfect and beautiful.

Mic Pilon is a succesfull business owner, writer and Business consultant. He has at least 15 years experience in owning and running an Aluminium balustrading factory which sells and distributes Aluminium fencing products across Australia. Mic is also responsible for many NEW inventions in the industry which can save companies time and money by applying his unique and patented advanced balustrading system called Alumirail. This technology eliminates the need to use bulky and time consuming scaffolding when installing balustrading on balconies.