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Extensive Range of Wholesale Hospitality Equipment Products

Press release   •   Jan 24, 2014 18:02 AEDT

Wholesale Hospitality Equipment ProductsHospitality is an extensive industry with a huge demand for equipment and other products. There are many hospitality equipment supplier firms on a mission to satisfy these market needs. The question is whether an institution like a hotel, restaurant, outside caterer or assisted living caregiver, should get equipment and product supplies from one or different sources.

It is a common feature in many industries to have specialised suppliers and, in fact, there are advantages of receiving different supplies from different sources. This depends from industry to industry.

There is an increasing flow of one entity supplying all the Materials handling equipment and product that a restaurant or a hotel needs in the hospitality industry. This is despite the fact that the needs of a hospitality entity can be grouped into very diverse categories like fixed assets fittings, consumables, food and drinks.

The only unifying factor for all these products and equipments is the fact the client will use them to achieve the single objective of giving a good service.

There are those of the assumption that this link is not reason enough for one Storage Equipment supplier brand to handle everything; that effectiveness and efficiency could be compromised. Fortunately, experience proves otherwise.

While sourcing from different suppliers may seem the best idea, it is not easy for an institution to deal with dozens of suppliers at the same time. The paperwork and the transactions become time and labour consuming item within the organisation.

It makes economic sense to have a restaurant kitchen supplier of spoons, mixers and the kitchen tables to supply the Villard Surgical Bridge Table and shelves. Dealing with one extensive wholesale hospitality equipment supplier will reduce your focus to just one source and, therefore, releasing transaction man-hours for the core operation activities.

Furthermore, getting your wholesale Materials handling equipment from a single source also puts your business in a position to get better deals, in terms of price and discounts, on all the equipment and goods supplied. With huge purchases, the discounts that come with it may significantly scale down the size of the cheque to be written cumulatively with the ultimate effect on the profit margins.

Likewise, if the hotel or restaurant operates on a credit arrangement with suppliers, then a single source will end up giving friendlier terms than different suppliers combined. This too will affect the profit and loss account.

Every hospitality institution requires special types of equipment and products to accomplish its mission of meeting customer needs. They also need to acquire better deals from a wholesale Hospitality equipment supplier. However, this will only come from a supplier with a deep perceptive of the industry and with sufficient experience in meeting different needs.

From day one 3D Equipment has lived up to its motto – "Make it happen". From our humble beginnings we have very rapidly become one of the most trusted names in the industry.