Features and Benefits Of Yakima Roof Racks System & Accessories

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2017 16:18 AEST

Yakima Roof Racks SystemYakima makes some of the World's best roof rack systems and accessories. There's a Yakima roof rack for every new and old car. Even cars with what is know as a “naked” roofs or bare roofs and don’t have factory installed rack anchors or foot packs or even roof gutters can be installed with a Yakima roof rack using foot pack accessories.

Yakima is a World famous roof rack manufacturer that manufactures several different types of roof rack models. These include the famous Yakima Flushbar and Railbar roof racks.

Features and benefits of the Yakima Flushbar roof rack include its unique style and seamless appearance i.e. it fits your car roof like a glove and appears as if it might have been factory fitted by the car manufacture. Indeed, the Yakima Flushbar is the ultimate combination of functionality and form.

The Yakima Flushbar was designed by the Yakima engineers using a wind tunnel for wind resistance testing. Wind resistance lowers your fuel economy by a fraction but enough to make a big difference on a long journey. When you add luggage on top of the roof, the wind resistance increase even further. Also, if the roof rack is not properly designed, not only does the fuel economy go for a toss, severe wind resistance is know to loosen the roof rack anchors due to vibration. Now you know why Yakima roof racks were carefully designed in a wind tunnel. This is why the Yakima FlushBar has a signature look that makes it look so gorgeous on top of your car.

The main feature of the Yakima Flushbar (and the reason it called the “flushbar”), is that it' has crossbars with integrated towers that have no bar overhang which makes your vehicle look like it came from the factory with the FlushBar roof rack.

Another feature of the Yakima FlushBar roof rack is that it maximises strength, eliminates wind related noise but cutting wind drag to nearly zero.

A big benefit of the Yakima Roof Racks Perth is that they accept all of Yakima mounts and cargo boxes creating multi-sport versatility.

Yakima also manufacturers the 'Railbar' a uniquely featured model that is also ultra-sleek and provides the ultimate combination of functionality and form. Also, engineered in a wind tunnel, the Yakima RailBar is the premium crossbar choice especially if your car or 4x4 has factory -fitted raised siderails.

The Yakima Railbar is integrated and easy-to-use towers and like the Flushbar, this too has no bar overhang and gives your vehicle a clean, modern aesthetic, look. The Yakima Railbar with its sleek low-profile shape maximises strength, and because of its excellent design, keeps wind related noise to near zero. The Yakima Railbar too accepts all of Yakima mounts and cargo boxes.

Yakima also manufactures various roof rack accessories including Q Towers and Stretch kit that work in conjunction with Q clips for naked roof applications. Use this kit to turn your vehicle into a rugged, mean look machine. Then there the Hood anchor – a popular accessory that creates a secure attachment point for bow and stern tie downs. You will find more Prorack Snowboard Carriers at :

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