Finding An Adviser That Suits Your Financial Planning Needs

Press Release   •   May 23, 2016 19:50 AEST

Financial PlanningWhen it comes to your financial planning, how well your investment does depends on the market scenario. However, selecting the right adviser that suits your financial planning needs has got much to do with how well your money works for you. A good financial adviser is one who helps you with many of the financial complexities throughout your life by offering sound financial advice.

Here are some things to consider when finding an adviser that suits your financial planning needs:

• Before you find a financial planner to manage your money, understand which areas of finance you want help with. Is it taxation, or do you need advice on investment or do you need retirement planning? Some advisers specialise only in certain areas while others may be dealing with all aspects of a financial plan.

• Look for referrals from friends and family who are at a similar stage in life or have similar financial needs. You might also want to check out adviser profiles online to see if they suit your financial planning needs.

• Alternatively, you can also search for a financial advisor online, check out their services and find a provider that suits your needs. Also verify if they have been disciplined for any unlawful or unethical behaviour in the past.

Once you have selected a suitable candidate, be prepared to ask some questions that will shed more light on the role they will play in your financial plans.

1. How will they charge for their service? Will it be a percentage based on the management of the assets or will it be a flat fee? The answers will give you an idea of the costs involved in hiring an adviser to suit your financial planning.

2. Ask the adviser to show their credentials and licenses. Look for a registered financial adviser who can manage your money and investments. Find out whether you will be working with a team or just the single person.

3. Understand the type of services they will offer. Some Financial Planner Parramatta work around specifics like tax planning or retirement planning for instance. Others provide a complete package that includes tax and insurance planning, retirement planning or estate management. Choose one which suits your financial needs.

4. Stating your current needs, ask the Financial Planning Advisor to create a sample financial plan. Looking at the sample you can ask for explanations to clear your doubts. You also get an idea of how your financial plan will look like and the benefits you can gain from implementing it.

5. Last but not the least, has the adviser shown particular interest in understanding your individual circumstances and financials? Has he or she asked the right questions to get to know your goals, your financial background and your perceptions towards finance planning?

By the end of your interview, you should be able to judge whether the adviser suits your financial planning needs or not. Get advise on planning your financial future at .

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