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Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2013 23:28 AEDT

3dequipment3D Equipment understands that you want nothing but the best for your business. Therefore, we've always lived up to our motto "Make It Happen" by assisting your business and eventually expanding ours.

Are you looking for material handling equipment and hospitality equipment for your business in Australia? Do you wish to purchase your supplies in bulk at cost-efficient prices? Are you looking for material of the highest quality?

The manufacturing industry and hospitality industry thrives on a host of factors; material handling equipment being one of them. We understand that you need to protect your investments from any kind of harm; therefore, moving, storing, controlling and handling them with care are of utmost importance.

A Wide Range of Products at your Service

3D Equipment supplies high quality material handling and hospitality equipment supplies to move, store, control and protect your material, products and goods. We have all the supplies you might need from the very beginning till the end of the manufacturing process. Whether you need supplies to transport raw material to the factory, manufacture your products, package them, distribute them and keep them protected till their consumption or disposal, 3D Equipment has what you're looking for.

Material Handling Equipment from 3D Equipment

Are you looking for material handling equipment specific to your industry? Do you need carton erectors or cooling machines for your factory? Or, are you in need of First Aid supplies or patient lifters for a medical centre? Maybe, you're looking for road safety supplies or work wear.

Whatever you may need, 3D Equipment has a wide range of products for you which are undoubtedly of the finest quality. So, whether you are looking for janitorial supplies, storage units, Rubbermaid Cage Trolley or waste management supplies, we're one of the leading providers in the industry you can count on.

Hospitality Equipment

What would the hospitality industry be without any equipment? It is true that one can discern a lot about a hotel just by looking at the cutlery the use. So, wouldn't you want only the best equipment for your hotels, restaurants, cafes and other Catering product Supplies and services?

At 3D Equipment, we guarantee that we have the finest hospitality equipment for you. Right from the chef's apparel and his food and beverage preparation apparatus to the benches in your seating space and waste management systems, we have it all for you. Washroom supplies, refrigeration, drawer systems, cooking systems, furniture and infant equipment, you name it and we will provide you with best in class hospitality equipment you need.

Investing in high quality material handling equipment and Hospitality Equipment Supplies Australia is the wisest choice for your business. You naturally want the best for your business. Therefore, when it comes to supplies, choose 3D Equipment for our high quality, professional service and affordable prices; because, we "Make it Happen!"

From day one 3D Equipment has lived up to its motto – "Make it happen". From our humble beginnings we have very rapidly become one of the most trusted names in the industry.