FoxMowingNSW Can Help In Your Overgrown Yards And Make Them Look Great Again

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2016 16:46 AEDT

LANDSCAPING SERVICESFox Mowing NSW: Taking Care of Overgrown Yards

Your yard should be a place for rest and relaxation for the whole family. But if you've been busy and not giving attention to your lawn and garden, it quickly deteriorates into an overgrown jungle. Tall grass and overgrown weeds are not only unsightly, but dangerous for the family as well as pets. Overgrown trees, encroaching weeds and multiplying perennials can be so overwhelming that you don't know where to begin.

Under the circumstances, getting your yard back into shape should be your first priority. However, keeping in mind the huge amount of work required to get it back to looking great again, clearing the yard must be done in stages. If you can't spare the time, professional garden care services like Fox Mowing NSW can help in your overgrown yard to make it look great again. But, before you hire someone for the task, here are a few tips to tackle the problem yourself...

• Start by walking around your yard to locate debris and thrash. Bag up the smaller stuff that needs to be discarded. You might need a wheelbarrow to dispose off large pieces of garden waste like fallen tree limbs or logs.

• At this stage, your yard is still full of weeds so you need to begin working on that. Use a weed cutter or any cutting tool to cut off the weeds in a small area at a time. Once you're done cutting, clear up the weeds and dispose them off before moving to another area of the yard. Incidentally, weed cuttings make a great addition to your compost pile.

• Next, turn your attention to the shrubs and plants. Most would need pruning and trimming, so take it up one by one. If you have to remove a plant, then go ahead and dig it up from the roots. Tree removal requires particular expertise so you might want to call in the Gardening Penrith professionals from Fox Mowing NSW to get it done.

• The overgrown lawn grass needs to be cut back to size. Use a lawn mower with blades at the highest setting. Give another trim to the lawn with the blade setting slightly lower this time. Getting the lawn back into shape can take a lot of work so it just might be worthwhile to hire a Lawn Mowing Penrith like Fox Mowing.

• Next on your list are the flowerbeds. Rake up the soil so that the weeds are uprooted. Now it is easier to just pull out the weeds and clear the topsoil of debris. Trim overgrown vines and shrubs and remove plants you don't want to keep.

• Re-establish the garden borders or create new ones. Replace broken pavers on the garden pathway if required, or, you might want to redesign a new pathway.

No doubt, clearing up an overgrown yard is a whole lot of work. If you don't feel up to it, FoxMowingNSW ( )can help in your overgrown yard and make it look great.

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