Framed Glass Balustrades – The Sophisticated Fencing Choice for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Press Release   •   Dec 04, 2013 00:44 AEDT

Aluminium SupplierDo you want a fence that serves its functional purposes of establishing boundaries, providing security and enhancing the look of your spaces without obstructing your view? You're probably proud of the greenery visible from your backyard or the beautiful sunset you catch every evening from the first storey of your home. Maybe you do not want to block the serenity that radiates from your view of the lake nearby by installing obstructive fences or you want to give potential customers a glimpse of what's inside your store with secure glass fencing.

What option do you have then?

Framed glass balustrades are the perfect fencing solution for those of you who desire a fence that serves its usual purposes while allowing you to retain your view.

Framed Glass Balustrades – The Classy Option for Commercial & Residential Spaces

Framed glass balustrades are constructed using toughened glass and strong and durable powder coated aluminium. These balustrades are perfect for a clearly defined, clear and contemporary design. They are the classiest and most elegant option if you're looking for a fence that maximizes the appeal of your property without compromising on your security.

The quality of materials used for framed glass balustrades avoid damage from rust even in harsh coastal and moist conditions. Framed Commercial Glass Balustrades, therefore, are a viable option suitable for long-term use.

Powder coated aluminium is available in a wide range of colours and the glass used is available is varying tint intensities. Therefore, you are very likely to find the perfect framed glass balustrade option for your spaces depending on your colour preferences. Additionally, framed glass balustrades can complement a variety of interior and exterior themed setups.

Applications of Framed Glass Balustrades

Framed glass balustrades not only appear elegant, but they also enhance the appearance and the elegance of the spaces in which they are installed. Framed glass balustrades can be installed in both interior and exterior spaces such as:

* Balconies of single and multi-storey buildings and homes.
* Gardens
* Swimming Pools
* Residential and commercial boundary fencing
* Decks
* Stairwells
* Patios
* Ramps & Walkways
* Garages

Advantages of Installing Framed Glass Balustrades

* Measuring framed glass balustrades is an easy process. This makes the process of initiating and completing their installation quick, effective and simple.

* Aluminium glass balustrades are sturdy and durable and are installed over a staged surface. Therefore, no damage is caused to framed aluminium glass balustrades during the installation process.

* Aluminium glass balustrades are the only type of balustrade which incorporates a unique temporary handrail system.

* The modular system of framed glass balustrades allow easy, on site modifications, if necessary.

* Because of the easy availability of materials needed for framed glass balustrades, they need not be specially manufactured and can be assembled at the construction site itself.

* Framed glass balustrades are easy to clean and maintain.

Framed glass balustrades and aluminium balustrades are a unique modern trend designed especially to enhance the aesthetic appeal and augment the value of residential and commercial properties. While glass balustrades maximize the view, the arrangement of the aluminium slats allows the easy passage of air. However, while frame glass balustrades are costlier than other fencing options, their elegance, sophistication and durability make it a worthwhile investment for residential and commercial spaces. Check out also for Glass Balustrade Suppliers in Australia.

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