Garden Fencing to Serve a Number of Purposes Around Your Property

Press Release   •   Jan 03, 2017 17:46 AEDT

Garden FencingOne of the most important things to have when it comes to owning a home or renting a property is that said property has a fence. There are numerous reasons that having a fence around your property is a big positive, the main one being privacy. Other reasons might be due to security reasons, safety reasons for children and/or pets, or possibly because they simply want their property to be surrounded by a beautiful fence. Whatever the reason, the best place to go is Trimlite based out of Sydney. They have a variety of fences to meet any specific need you may have.

Trimlite’s Special Snaplock System

Trimlite is a little different from other fencing companies; they use a system called the Snaplock system when they place their fences. The Snaplock system keeps the “”pickets in the rails to enable the panels to be easily assembled”, according to the Trimlite website. This not only makes the fence easier to put together, but also to clean and maintain.

The Positives to Using Trimfence

• Easy to clean and wipe off.
• Simpler to size and fit reducing installation time.
• Can be made right away, no need to special order anything.
• Uses a system making it easy to alter the piece of the need arises.

Available Fencing Styles

Trimlite offers a range of fencing styles for you to choose from, giving you numerous possibilities to surround your pool, garden, or choice of property with. The ten beautiful styles to choose from are as follows:

1. Flat Top Fencing
2. Loop Top Fencing
3. Diamond Fencing
4. Scroll Fencing
5. TrimSlat 38/19 Fencing
6. Rop Top Fencing
7. Nautical Fencing
8. Spear Top Fencing
9. Trim Slat 70/9 Fencing
10. TrimLouvre 70/9 Fencing

Trimlite’s Special Projects and About Trimlite’s Major Projects Division

Not only does Trimlite have the experience and talent needed to Cheap Front Garden Fences your personal pool or garden, but they also specialize in other projects as well. This team of highly skilled personal is a combination of commercial builders, architects, home builders, and has sixty years together of experience. With their years of experience, you can rest assured this team has the skill set and talent to handle just about any special project.

The Major Projects Division Specializes in Helping:

• Retirement homes
• Vacation resorts
• Apartment complexes, low and high rise
• Schools
• Residential neighborhoods
• Commercial projects
• Government buildings
• Architectural homes

So, if you are in need of a fantastic Front Garden Fencing company, look no further than Trimlite and their amazing Trimfence. With their skilled team and years of experience, you are guaranteed to get the results you desire at a good price!

Trimlite's Amazing On Time or it's FREE Guarantee* Whilst Trimlite always focus on providing you with high quality, low maintenance products our clients know they will be treated with the upmost respect, that is why we provide you with our "On Time or it's Free Guarantee".