Glass Pool Fencing and Decorative Aluminium Balustrades

Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2015 22:26 AEDT

Decorative Balustrades & RailingsGlass pool fencing is preferred to metallic fencing in the recent times. Glass pool fences use glass panels that are framed together to create a safety barrier around the swimming pool area. You might choose to set up a frameless glass pool fencing or a semi-framed one. But with either of these options you still have an uninterrupted view of your surroundings, provided transparent glass is used. You can also see the swimming pool through the glass, making it easier to monitor your children's activities in the pool.

Glass pool fencing has caught the fancy of homeowners because it looks extremely elegant and neat. A glass fence around your swimming pool looks good; gives it a modern, sleek look. Simple, clean lines are always beautiful to look at, which is what glass fencing is all about.

Toughened glass is used to build pool fencing, which means it is not easily broken and quite safe even with children around your house. Glass fencing gives the area a spacious feel – many homeowners love the extra space afforded by glass fences since the panels themselves are thin and do not occupy much space. In addition, glass fences are easy to maintain and a breeze to clean. Just use soap and water to rinse out the dirt and grime on the panels. They are durable, tough and weather resistant.

Balustrades are an essential feature of any property. They offer safety and are used to demarcate an area or define entryways, porches and stairways. Balustrades provide the perfect finish to the overall appearance of your home. And, flawlwssly crafted decorative aluminium balustrades enhance the beauty while also increasing the value of your property.

Decorative balustrades were usually made from cast iron in the past. The intricate lacework making up the cast iron balustrade tended to corrode or get rusted very easily. Maintaining decorative cast iron balustrades was a nightmarish job; it also meant heavy maintenance costs.

With aluminium balustrades everything became simple – there was little or no maintenence cost, the material being tough and durable, it could last a lifetime. In addition, there is no limit to the creativity with which you could design aluminium balustrades. Whether Edwardian or Victorian designing styles or intricate lacework, aluminium lends itself extremely well to any kind of decorative design.

Decorative aluminium balustrades come in a wide range of designs. Visit and you can even have them custom designed to match your property decor.They are available in different shapes and styles. Decorative aluminium balustrades can be powder coated to your specifications. Maintenence is easy and inexpensive as aluminium is durable and resists corrosion.

Trimlite is a renowned name in the business of decorative aluminium balustrades and glass pool fencing. With competitive rates and quality installation service, this balustrading and fencing company is the first choice of Australian homeowners.

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