How To Create A Gorgeous Summer Garden

Press release   •   Jul 08, 2016 17:13 AEST

GARDEN CAREMost of us garden lovers aim to create a gorgeous summer garden blending colourful blossoms with the greenery that is no doubt, a beautiful sight and adds value to the property. The harsh Australian summers however, can prove to be a challenge for a beautiful summer garden but with a little planning you and your family can enjoy some great times in your garden.

Keep in mind your local environment

To achieve success with your summer gardening efforts, consider your climatic conditions and the type of soil in your neighbourhood. Do you experience extremely hot summer days? How about rainfall? Do temperatures drop below zero or they are simply mild winters? Depending on the answers to these questions, plan your summer garden.

Choose indigenous plants

Australia has a diverse landscape and you can find many native plants that will grow well in your type of environment. For an arid, desert-type landscape, it is best to choose hardy plants that can withstand the heat and survive in a dry climate. Australian native succulents, shrubs and flowering plants are well adapted to the local environment and can be a great addition to your gorgeous summer garden.

Native grasses make an attractive backdrop to your summer garden especially if you combine them with rockery. They require less water and maintenance but help to create a beautiful vista. You might even create a lawn in your summer garden using weeping grass, kangaroo grass or red grass.

While the native plants are generally not flowering types, it is possible to create a gorgeous summer garden with colourful blossoms in Australia by planting modern perennials like lilies, rosemary, tulips and lavender. These have adapted to the climate and the Australian soil conditions and will provide beautiful blossoms not only in summer but throughout the year.

Fertiliser and soil preparation is a must

The intense heat, poor soil quality and water limitations in Australia call for some special efforts towards creating a beautiful and lush garden. Most plant species require fertiliser to thrive but it is best to apply it sparingly, especially if you are using chemical fertilisers. Using compost and mulch is the better option as plants absorb the nutrients from organic matter easily.

Soil preparation is also important to create a gorgeous summer garden. Before planting your flowering shrubs, dig around and turn over the soil, add some manures or compost to improve its fertility. Also, new plants must be regularly watered for at least 2 to 3 months.

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