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How to Find Best Packers & Movers in Sydney

Press Release   •   Jan 20, 2016 22:57 AEDT

Packers & MoversYour business needs to move to a new location or your boss has asked you arrange for the best packer and mover in Sydney. What do you do?

You would probably think “Google” or “Yellow pages” right? Yup, you could take that route and get yourself 'a' packer and mover in Sydney but whether they would be the best you will know only after the job.

Or, you could read articles and reviews (like this one) and select the best. Of course, even the best packer and mover in Sydney might not always get it right. But if 95 out of 100 business clients say they were very happy with the services provided, then the chances are, you would be happy too.

First off, what makes a Sydney based packer and mover the “Best”? Would you agree..

1. That they have to respond ASAP to your request for a quotation?
2. That they should have transport vehicles of various sizes and configurations and that they should be willing to pack and move irrespective of how big or small your requirement is?
3. That they should provide a written quote complete with terms and conditions?
4. That should include or mention all possible options and not automatically default to the one best suited to themselves?
5. That the quotation should be competitive?
6. That the packing and delivery should be time-bound?
7. That items should all be delivered in original condition?
8. That items should be delivered at correct destination and within time specified?
9. That if required, they should offer adequate staff and expertise to pack and move your items?
10. That they should offer adequate packing material including boxes of various sizes?

So you see, there's far more to selecting the “best” Sydney based packer and mover that just Googling or flipping through the Yellow pages because doing so will not reveal much about the packer and mover you intend to hire.

The undisputed leader amongst Packers and Movers in Sydney is without doubt Zoom Business Relocation: http://www.zoombusinessrelocation.com.au/

Zoom Business Relocation have been in business long enough to have seen it all and done it all. From dismantling entire offices to carefully packing and marking boxes to re-setting up at destination. They've done it all. They even provide post-move repair and cleaning services.

Zoom Business Relocation is a one-stop full service provider for business packing and moving. Anything from a few workstations to entire container loads. Anything from relocation to a new office on the same floor to, business relocation across Sydney or even across Australia – they can handle it all and with ease of a real pro.

So if your business needs to relocate, don't settle for guess work – hire the true professionals call Zoom Business Relocation at 1300 671 995 today!

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