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How to Find Suitable Intrastate Freight Transport for Your Needs

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2015 19:45 AEST

ITS TransportFreight of your precious cargo cannot be left in the hands of Mickey Mouse companies or tiny one-man business with almost no infrastructure or manpower at their disposal.

Simply put, any intrastate freight transport or even Interstate freight transport needs manpower and heavy equipment and transport services a bit beyond the capabilities of tiny businesses. For your intrastate freight transport needs, seek out a transport corporate that has a fleet of trucks at their disposal – preferably trucks of various sizes and types. Additionally, this transport company also needs to be adequately staffed in all departments such as pickup, handling, moving, delivery, billing and customer support.

Whichever freight transport services you prefer to work with, they also need to be using the latest software and technology including GPS tracking so that freight progress can be mapped and delays or potential trouble can be spotted immediately. They need to have digital on-site data capture equipment linked to their online servers so their administration and more importantly their client – i.e. you, can be updated as to exact pickup or delivery date and time.

Your selected freight transport service provider - interstate or intrastate needs to be capable of linking up with train and shipping containers. Long distance interstate or intrastate is more economical if train or waterways shipping can be used as means of transport. The latter is definitely possible especially if pickup and delivery is along the coast.

Selecting the right freight partner to deliver on your freight transport solutions is therefore vital not only to ensure on-time and safety but to also ensure economy in freight movement which in turn would affect your corporate financials.

Your freight transport service provider should also be ticking off on door-to-door freight, all weather freight, anything freight (no restrictions on type of goods or material that can be legally transported), in-house crane and mobile lift capability, multi-axel transport vehicles, onboard GPS trackers and trained drivers. The last is extremely vital as a trained driver will not only have his or her priorities right; they also know what to do in the event of an accident or incident. They know the procedure to be followed.

Your interstate freight transport or intrastate freight transport services provider should ideally be a member of a business trade organization. This helps ensure a pro-customer attitude and standardized quality. It also means that in extreme cases if something goes amiss and you are not happy with the mitigation solutions provided, you can escalate or threaten to escalate the complaint to the trade organization.

Finally, ask about insurance coverage. All freight companies have an insurance that covers customer goods in transit. You need to have a goods transit insurance cover yourself but there is no harm is being double covered. Sure you won’t get double if goods are totally lost but at least you will rest easy because you will be financially covered in the event of any loss.

One of the few interstate and intrastate freight transport services that have along for some time with their reputation intact is ITS Transport. Check them out at

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