How to Use Any Garden Fertiliser and Organic Pest Repellents Effectively

Press Release   •   May 23, 2016 17:38 AEST

Organic Pest ControlGardening is not just about having a lush green space but also about the knowledge of using garden fertiliser and organic pest repellents effectively. As we all know, any garden will benefit hugely from fertilisers and the effective use of organic pest repellents.

How to Use Garden Fertiliser Effectively

Well managed soil consists of all the essential nutrients required for plant growth, but this is a rare occurrence, so many gardeners choose to fertilise the soil using either chemical or organic fertilisers. Using organic fertilisers rather than chemical fertiliser ensures better plant growth without the harmful effects to the environment.

Fertilisers contain the essential nutrients for growth – the building blocks for lush foliage, beautiful blossoms and fruit production while also maintaining the general plant health. In order to use any garden fertiliser effectively it is important to know the right time to use it. Each plant variety is different and it helps to know its ideal time for fertilising. But if you don't know it, the general rule is to apply the fertilisers in early spring, which encourages new growth, flowers and fruit. In other words, to use garden fertiliser effectively it must be applied at the right time during the plant's life.

Using Organic Pest Repellents Effectively

Organic pest repellents can be used effectively to get rid of pests and insects that harm the plants. Chemical pesticides may also be used although they are harmful for the soil and may contaminate the groundwater. The best part about organic pest repellents is that they can easily be created from the ingredients available in your kitchen.

1. Garlic spray can be concocted by pureeing a whole bulb of garlic with two cups of water. Set the mixture aside for a day and then strain and use this liquid mixed with a gallon of water to spray on your plants. This organic pest repellent will ensure that the insects move away to find other plants to target.
2. Placing crushed egg shells at the base of plants effectively repels cutworms, slugs and aphids.
3. Liquid soap mixed with water and either cinnamon or garlic powder or cayenne pepper and sprayed on plant foliage kills mealy bugs, aphids and white flies.

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