Improve The Style Of Your House With Aluminium Balustrades & Fencing

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2017 19:00 AEST

Aluminium Balustrades & FencingHere's how you can improve the look of your new or renovated house or building with aluminium balustrades and fencing.

Whether designing a new home or commercial building complex, adding glass and aluminium not only improves the style of your project, reduces costs and adds sterile elegance to the structure – one that is easy to add, costs less and is even easier to maintain.

Adding aluminium balustrades and aluminium fencing with or without glass adds style and functionality. You can opt for 100% non-frame design or a semi-frame design. The best options for aluminium balustrades and fencing is available at Trimlite ( ). They also offer heat-soaked, toughened glass for all your aluminium balustrades. You can also opt for powder-coated aluminium posts and handrails with marine grade stainless steel fittings which are especially ideal for homes and buildings located near the cost.

If you are not sure of the design yet, Trimlite supplies and installs aluminium balustrades in a wide range of powder-coated colours and designs and they also custom-manufacture orders.

Opting for aluminium balustrades and aluminium fencing is a much better option to traditional, more expensive and environmentally unfriendly timber balustrades and fencing. Contrary to believe, aluminium balustrades and aluminium fencing can also address all your privacy and security concerns by using the right type of material or glass. Trimlite can also provide swing gates, side gates and even automated entrance gates.

Lourved or flat aluminium panels and slat screens adequately address all your privacy concerns and are also low maintenance and easy to keep clean. If you are planning to add a swimming pool, clear or frosted glass aluminium fencing with concealed lighting looks amazing. Semi-frameless frosted designer glass pool fencing provides a stylish and expensive (despite not being relatively inexpensive), look to your pool area. Pool fencing can be done using marine grade stainless steel spigots and fixtures.

Trimlite provides toughened glass for your aluminium fencing and these comply with Australian Standards. They also provide Glass Balcony Balustrades.

Adding aluminium balustrades and aluminium fencing is practical, economic and an elegant solution and one that improves the style of your house. For additional safety and security, Trimlite can also provide Cheap Aluminium Pool Fencing. All their aluminium balustrades and aluminium fencing are available in elegantly powder coated colours.

Please visit for more information and also their store and retail outlet at Sydney Australia. They also have branch outlets spread across all of Australia.

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