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Indoor Air Quality Investigations in Australia

Press release   •   Jun 23, 2014 20:11 AEST

Indoor Air Quality

Why Air Quality Investigation is required

Tiny dust particles enter even offices and are sucked into the air intake of the air-conditioning plant. As it travels up the air intake vents, the dust particles stick to the inner sides of these vents. Rather than signup for yearly maintenance, offices often resort to calling the maintenance company as and when required which would probably be when the big bosses themselves feel sick.

Enlightened management however, have a yearly maintenance contract in place that requires the maintenance crew to visit the premises at least once every month. The professional maintenance crews analyze the air quality both before and after the maintenance.

Given the propensity of employees and others at filing law suits against the employers and businesses for poor working conditions, it is no surprise that there is an increased awareness to document quality investigation, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and reporting. It makes sense both from a hygiene point of view as well as a legal point of view.

Ironically enough, the buildings that get labelled as “sick” often tend to house government offices and utility services. The amount of paper work required to get a maintenance contract in place oftentimes results in such maintenance being given the “go-bye”. It just takes a few months of use before the building becomes “sick”.

Causes of poor air quality

Dust particles are just one of the causes of degraded indoor air quality testing. The other causes include spraying of so called “air fresheners”, perfumes, formaldehyde, cleaning detergents that are packaged in aerosol cans, acids, tobacco smoke, fresh paint, etc.

Professional Help

Sometimes calling in the air conditioning crew does not improve the air quality. This usually happens when something is released into the air and is sucked into the air intake vents. The best way to figure out the cause of the poor air quality is to call in the experts one of whom is JMB Environmental Consulting (

JMB Environmental Consulting Services will send in a crew to sample the air, conduct a detailed analysis to investigate and establish possible sources of the indoor air quality. On the face of it, this might appear like a long winded process. Actually, it isn’t.

Recognising the health, legal as well as possible downtime costs due to poor air quality, JMB Environmental Consulting team works fast to resolve the problem.

Many businesses have regular Airborne lead monitoring for the factories but not many provide the same at the office premise. These businesses need to understand that the indoor air quality is imperative to the ongoing commitment to compliance and the health and wellbeing of the employees and visitors at their workplace.

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