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Infront Staffing Announces New First Aid Training Courses

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 14:24 AEDT

Infront Staffing engaged SEO Sydney experts, Elevate Consulting, to conduct research about people attending first aid courses and what people wanted to take out of the course.

How to react if someone is in shock or bleeding? Witnessing when a young woman faints naturally makes us want to help, but we need to know how to give her artificial respiration until a doctor is on the scene to access professional medical treatment. Whether it is to save life, prevent further harm or just to promote recovery by applying a plaster to a small wound – if everyone knew how, emergency admissions would be less crowded and the curve of accident victims would stop sloping upward.

If we hear first aid we spontaneously think about car crashes, motorcycle accidents or construction workers falling off a scaffold. It may surprise you to hear that the concept of first aid goes back a fair bit in history and takes us to the 11th century, which we can imagine as a primitive time without cars, smart phones and painkillers. Around 1023 a group of men attached to a hospital in Jerusalem founded a group called the Knights Hospitaller. These aid workers were religious knights who provided care to pilgrims and other knights and doctored war wounded. The Hospitallers even trained other knights in how to treat battlefield injuries.

Today we are more likely to decide conflicts on the motorway than on the battlefield; the war theatre has changed. The necessity of first aid though has remained and is as important as ever.

Surf lifesavers deserve their good reputation and so do first aiders. Anyone can become a hero of the streets and attend a First Aid Training Course at Infront Staffing in Sydney. In a seven and a half hours course, sound knowledge can be acquired about legal issues in first aid, expired air resuscitation, fractures, head injuries, burns, shock and other useful areas. The training is nationally recognized and completed with an official Statement of Training for Applied First Aid.

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