Innovative And Versatile Privacy Louvres For Your Privacy Requirements

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2016 17:23 AEDT

Privacy LouvresInnovative and versatile louvres by Trimlite are not only a perfect answer to your room or house décor, they also more than surpass your privacy requirements.

Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens can perfectly match existing décor because they are available in an extremely wide range of colours. Choose a contrasting or matching colour; the choice is yours. In fact, Trimlite's low-maintenance, long-lasting aluminium louvre screens are a perfect alternative to fabric, lattice or timber privacy screens. Unlike other material, powder coated aluminium louvre screens will outlast our own life-span. The same cannot be said about timber or other material. Also, if you match beauty, durability, ease of installation and cost, then there is nothing better than Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens for your privacy requirement.

Advantages of powder coated aluminium louvre screens include:

1. They will not rot, split or twist.
2. Never ever require painting.
3. Are not used by insect to build nests.
4. Are fire resistant and so ideal for bushfire designated locations in Australia.
5. Are moisture resistant and so ideal for use in marine environment.

Trimlite's powder coated Aluminium Louvres screens can be fitted just about anywhere you need them to be fitted. Think windows, glass doors, over balconies, over decks etc. Being versatile, aluminium privacy louvre panels can not only be used as privacy screens they can also be used as fixed shutters, fences, infill panelling and so forth. We've seen interior designers and architects use Trimlite's powder coated aluminium louvre screens in places where we never envisioned.

Trimlite's powder coated aluminium Privacy Louvres can be adopted to a wide variety of uses. For example you could use elliptical louvre screen systems or have fixed louvres that can be fixed vertically or horizontally. You could even have half-and-half i.e. half fixed and half openable privacy louvres.

For the technology minded folks Trimlite can add a remote controlled motor to open and close louvres. Other reasons to opt for Trimlite's powder coated aluminium privacy louvres include:

1. Ultra Low maintenance – just requires a once-a-week wipe.
2. Ultra economical to buy and super easy to install.
3. Will never fade or look dull.
4. Provides all the privacy you need.
5. Enhances curb appeal of the property.
6. Allows one directional view – inside to out.
7. Provides insulation against the sun's ultra-violet rays and keeps interiors cool.
8. If you forget to close the window during heavy rainfall, the aluminium louvres reduces exposure to rain.

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