Lawn and Garden Care Services for Renovation

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 22:14 AEDT

MAINTENANCEYou've left your yard unattended far too long. The result? A garden that has transformed into an unsightly jungle and a deteriorated lawn. But you can't spare time to attend to the many chores required to get it back in shape. Yet, you can't watch it deteriorate to a level that ultimately becomes unmanageable, so what do you do? The easiest way to get your yard back on its feet is to hire lawn and garden care services for renovation.

Why isn’t my lawn growing well?

Lawn renovation becomes essential when it begins to show more weeds than grass or when there are large bare patches with little or no growth. Sometimes your lawn may develop a thatch problem where there is layer of decomposed roots and stems between the soil and the top green vegetation. If the soil is highly compacted, your lawn will not grow as well as it should. Increasing shady areas due to overhanging branches of trees or excessive tree roots competing for water and nutrients or poor drainage can be a cause for a deteriorating lawn.

Garden or jungle?

A thriving, healthy garden is the result of hard work and hours spent trimming, pruning, watering, mowing and mulching on a regular basis. It may seem like a never-ending chore to keep your garden looking good; with long working hours and other commitments, people tend to neglect their yards which leads to an untidy space. The trees require pruning and the hedges must be got back into shape, truly a massive job if you are short of time.

In NSW Australia, lawn and garden care services for renovation are being offered by Fox Mowing at reasonable rates. The professionals there can offer your lawn and garden a new lease of life. Whether it is renovating your lawn and garden space or re-laying a new lawn, Fox Mowing has the means and the expertise to do a great job.

Before beginning your lawn and garden renovation project, the garden experts will determine the reason for the deterioration, whether it is the soil, lack of adequate sunlight or the presence of thatch or disease that is preventing the growth of your garden. Depending on the reason for the problem, the professionals from Fox Mowing will proceed to take necessary action to repair the damage.

In case the large trees in your yard are creating a shady canopy that is hindering the growth of your lawn, professionals from garden care services may suggest pruning some tree limbs to let in more sunlight. Or, they might even suggest changing over to shade-tolerant grass for the lawn. Whether it is a simple tidy-up job or a more involved renovation process, Fox Mowing will ensure that your lawn and garden is a beautiful sight to behold. Visit for more on lawn and Professional Lawn Care Services.

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