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Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2016 22:44 AEDT

Fox Mowing & GardeningSeveral folks in Australia own large houses with sprawling lawns and gardens, they love plants, they love nature and enjoy spending time outdoors. A well maintained lawn and garden makes for a beautiful landscape surrounding your home; not only that, it is a visual attraction that adds value to your property. But, the whole purpose of having a garden is defeated if it is not maintained properly.

Maintaining a garden involves a lot of work which means spending a lot of time outdoors.

Cutting the grass, trimming of plants and hedges, mulching and fertilising the soil, getting rid of weeds are some chores that are backbreaking and extremely tiresome. Then there is the regular watering of the garden and of course, regular cleaning that takes up time every day. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, most of us hardly find the time to look after the garden. This is where lawn mowing and garden care services, Australia come in handy.

You can hire professional lawn care and Garden Maintenance Services in Australia that will take care of your lawns and garden. There are different types of garden care services that you could hire depending on what you'd like done. If it is just lawn mowing or clearing the debris and leaves in the garden, a freelancing gardener can easily do the job and it won't cost much. Also, on a smaller scale, you might hire a group of individuals with gardening skills who take up lawn mowing and garden care services in Australia.

A large landscaped property would however, require the expertise of a garden care services company in Australia. While it might be expensive to hire a full-fledged company to maintain your landscaped garden, the advantage lies in the fact that every chore is managed and your garden is maintained to perfection.

Hiring lawn mowing and garden care services Australia allows you to enter into a contract with the company. a professionally managed company has skilled and knowledgeable staff that knows the job and will carry it out efficiently. In addition, the company can be held responsible if something goes wrong in the garden maintenance or there are damages to the property.

Fox Mowing offers fully Professional Lawn Mowing and gardening services that include lawn maintenance, garden care, weed control, fertilising, hedge maintenance, topiary, garden cleaning and any other odd jobs like repairs, cleaning and maintenance that regularly come up on your estate. The company provides top-quality lawn care and gardening services at affordable prices. They also undertake landscaping and garden development projects in Australia.

With several years of experience in the field of lawn mowing and Garden Care Services, Fox Mowing is a trusted name with a long list of satisfied customers. For more information, tips and tricks about gardening in general, visit

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