Lawn Mowing & Garden Care Businesses For Sale NSW

Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 23:09 AEDT

FERTILISINGIf you are based in NSW and love gardening and working with plants, have time to spare, you could take up our highly profitable lawn moving and garden care franchisee and have a load of fun while putting your spare time to highly productive use.

The basics of lawn moving and garden care franchisee usually involves soil preparation, irrigation and gutter preparation, grass (lawn) planting, aeration, trimming, mowing, hedge planting, trimming, turf laying, fertilising, plumbing work maybe even some tree transplanting.

Not all of our franchisees handle everything themselves. Some sub-contract the work. For example, plumbing, gutter construction or tree transplanting. The franchisees handle all the common or frequent requests themselves (soil preparation, irrigation and gutter preparation, grass or lawn planting, trimming, mowing, hedge planting, trimming, turf laying, fertilising and even usually plumbing). The uncommon ones i.e. large tree transplanting, land preparation etc. are usually sub-contracted.

Lawn moving and Gardening Franchises Businesses is not difficult at all. Yes, it is labour intensive but with modern equipment, the time you spend can be dramatically cut down. Remember, your clients will call for your lawn moving and garden care services not because they cannot do the job themselves but because they do not have the time to do it.

What do you need to get your Lawn moving and garden care franchisee going?

It helps if you have a pleasing personality, and you are friendly (there are plenty of self-help groups that can help you with both).

Horticultural experience or qualifications help but are not strictly required because we (Fox Mowing ), will provide training as part of the franchisee package.

You will need to invest in a vehicle or slap a few advertising stickers (to advertise your new franchisee) to your exiting utility vehicle. You will also need to invest in some minimal equipment and machinery (lawn movers and stuff). But instead of investing up front, you could opt for our easy rental plan that includes everything you will need including the trailer. Fox Mowing even has easy finance plans – just check out our offer at

Fox mowing provides everything you could possibly equire from equipment to fertilisers and soil. If you need technical help or guidance with any job, just call us and we would be glad to help. Our growth is also linked to your own so we will do everything it takes to see you succeed.

All that your lawn moving and Gardening Franchise Opportunities needs from you, is a bit of sunshine attitude and commitment. Your new businesses will start bringing in cash within a matter of weeks of you deciding to give it a go.

Visit our website or nearest office or call us today.

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