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Need to do Occupational Hygiene Surveys

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2014 19:42 AEST

Indoor air quality testingThere is a very simple reason why we need to do an occupation hygiene survey - it is because prevention is always better and vastly cheaper than the disease and its cure.

What is Occupational Hygiene Surveys?

Occupational Hygiene Surveys is a testing of the work environment. Over time, our work environment can become quite dangerous. Even a general office Air Quality Testing can become a dangerous place because over a period of time, there is bacterial build-up in the air, wire ducts, underside of tables, chairs, shelves etc. Even computers collect unhealthy levels of bacteria and dust mites and unless regularly tested and sanitized, staff coming in contact with these computers or working in these offices could suffer from various airborne diseases.

Why Occupational Hygiene Indoor air quality testing Surveys?

An unclean environment leads to disease which in turn leads to staff requesting for sick-leave or being absent from work due to sickness. If the bacterial, chemical, radiological or environmental contaminants go unchecked, a large number of your staff will report sick and the cost to the employer not only in terms of lost productivity but in emergency cleanup and sanitization operation could be considerable. There is also the chance that disgruntled employees may seek legal remedies to their distress.

Occupational hygiene therefore, is the anticipation, evaluation, recognition, control and prevention of any hazard at the work environment that may result in illness, injury or in any way affect the well being of workers.

Large corporations take it three steps further and also include ergonomics, physical and psychosocial factors. For example, too much moving about or too much climbing can lead to early fatigue. Oddly placed tools, inadequate or harsh lightning, chairs that are not comfortable, tables that are too high or too low etc. can cause stress, pain and even injury. All of these factors will result in lack of productivity and measurable costs to the company.

Who can conduct Occupational Hygiene Survey?

Companies such as JMB Environmental Consulting ( that have ASBESTOS REGISTERS professionals who have extensive experience and are certified Occupational Hygienists through the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) can conduct Occupational Hygiene Surveys.

Businesses such as JMB Environmental Consulting provide the entire gamut of Occupational Hygiene Surveys including:

1. Investigating nature of the hazard (biological, chemical or physical)
2. Short and long-term health effects of the hazard
3. Duration of the hazard - seasonal, continuous or intermittent
4. Intensity of the hazard
5. Risk assessment i.e. number of staff that might be at risk due to the hazard

During the assessment, if a significant risk or hazard is identified, JMB Environmental Consulting can recommend the most appropriate management plan to mitigate the risk.

JMB Environmental Consulting is a multidisciplinary indoor environmental consultancy specialising in asbestosindoor air and water quality and occupational hygiene.