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Neutrino Black Box - New Android Controller

Press release   •   May 17, 2016 11:26 AEST

We’re just uploaded Android Cockpit Controller version 1.08 to the Google Play store. This is significant update that adds full automation for heated gear control plus the ability to control circuits based on speed.

Both new features are accessible at the auto circuit control screen. Now you can set up circuits to automatically increase the heat in your heated gear as ambient temps drop. You can also configure circuits to automatically activate based on a certain speed or to increase percent on as speed increases. As always each circuit can be different from every other circuit, so it’s super flexible.

We think that your customers will find many uses for these cool new features.

Looking for products that make the motorcycle journey easier, safer and provide control.

SMART was born out of frustration. Basically something was missing from my bike, primarily a helmet cable, so off I went creating one and here we are today, with new and exciting motorcycle accessories, which are SMART.