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Personalised and Seasonally Based Garden Maintenance Program

Press release   •   May 20, 2016 19:04 AEST

GARDEN CAREIf you have been attending to garden maintenance and the chores that go with its upkeep yourself, you understand the efforts required and the time taken to keep it looking good all year round. With the busy lifestyles that we lead today, there is hardly any time left for gardening or garden maintenance. However, a garden represents a valuable monetary investment as well as a personalised effort in creating a green space that ultimately adds value to your home. As such, a garden needs professional care and attention constantly.

You might decide to hire out your lawn and garden care tasks to lawn and garden maintenance services depending upon your requirements and your budget. But before you do, understand what exactly you need from the garden care company.

What your garden needs again depends on the condition of your lawn and garden. Is it in a relatively good shape so you can get by with lawn mowing and trimming the hedges? Or, do you need a weekly service that takes up weeding, pruning, trimming, mowing,etc.? If you have a relatively healthy green space, it makes sense to consider a personalised and seasonally based garden maintenance program.

A professional garden maintenance service company can give your garden the attention it needs, which makes all the difference to its health and vitality. You may not require a full time garden care service but hiring a personalised and seasonally based garden maintenance program can take off the burden of the heavy chores yet allow you to tend to some of the tasks yourself. Folks who love gardening often hire seasonally based help.

A personalised and seasonally based garden maintenance program will take care of tasks like hand pruning and trimming of hedges and shrubs, hand weeding and weed control, fertilisation of the plants, seasonal bulb planting as well as insect and pest control. It also involves a general clean up of the yard so that your garden achieves that well-manicured and healthy appearance.

Fox Mowing provides garden and lawn care services in and around NSW, so if you are looking to hire help with your gardening chores visit them at You can consult with the professionally trained staff at Fox Mowing to devise a personalised and seasonally based garden maintenance program to suit your needs.

The folks at Fox Mowing are passionate about their work and dedicated in their approach towards lawn care and garden maintenance. When it comes to garden maintenance, you can expect top quality service at reasonable rates.

Other services that Fox Mowing offers includes, Lawn Mowing Services, seeding, trimming, pruning, hedging, weed control, pest control, garden cleaning, landscaping, etc. They also take up small repairs around your outdoor space, gutter and drain cleaning and other odd jobs that you need done in your yard.

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