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Techniques and Methods of Manifestation Miracle

Press Release   •   May 23, 2016 22:03 AEST

Money Magnetism PdfOne of the most proven and time-tested technique and method of the manifestation miracle is to meditate on the end result. To do this, some gurus claim you need to sit in a closed room and meditate. Hell, we say you don't need to do any of that. What you do need to do is simply visualise the need. Confused? Read on we will explain it.

“To Manifest” is to portray. Here's an example, “I want to clear the car license test” or, “I want to buy that car” or “I want to own that house” or “I want to talk to that girl” or ”I want to talk to that man”. You force your need, your aim, your target from within you to; the universe. Once you say it out a loud, it no longer becomes a secret desire; it becomes a force to reckon with. You think about it, you see yourself in it, driving the car, or living in the house or having an evening together with the girl of your dream - in short; living your dream. You need to keep at it for several days. Slowly, you notice that your mind beings to formulate ideas on how you are going to achieve your goal. Technically, we call this a manifestation – your dream is now being manifested. These is the early stage but it is beginning to happen. Let the ideas ferment in the ultra-rich imagination of your mind.

There will not be one but a series of ideas your mind will postulate and propose. Go through each of these ideas and select the most legally viable and suitable. Remember there is the short-cut and the legal but longer route to achieving the result – your mind plays neutral and will propose different paths to reaching your goal. It is for you to select the correct path.

Once you've selected a path, say it out aloud. The idea is now no longer cooking but begins to take a shape. The Manifestation Miracle idea begins to get clearer with each passing day. Dwell on the chosen path – see every turn, visualise every step. Weak aspects of the idea too will be visible but your brain will formulate paths around that. See the entire path clearly right from the first step to the last which will cumulate in you achieving the goal. Now write it down so you know you have understood it well and read it out aloud. You want or desire as now manifested from being just a dream to being something just short of reality.

Now that you know the path, fix a date of when you are going to execute the first step. The date should be near and no more than 3 days away. Concentrate on the first step of your path and on the selected day, hit it. Go and execute the first step and in doing so, set the manifestation in motion.

Once you begin moving along your path, you may come across some hurdles but we've given you the key to solving it. Dwell on the problem and a solution will present itself. Manifest the solution, follow the path. The formulae is the same for everything. Manifest Meditation is bringing out your inner desire and manifesting it into reality.

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