The Ariton Group

The Ariton Group seeks to provide new-age unconventional answers to age old business problems

Press Release   •   Feb 03, 2011 15:23 AEDT

Index trading is usually mostly to do with buying and selling index ETFs. This ETF is an acronym for exchange traded fund. Certain aspects of them are like mutual funds. However, they cannot be purchased and redeemed. They can be bought and sold in the open market. Hence, due to this possibility, one can even day trade them like individual bonds and stocks.

Index funds offer the ability to own all of the stocks that make up a certain index. One of the ETFs, SPY, owns equal weights of the stock within the periphery of S&P 500 index. This form of trading is much easier than day trade. Usually it is tough to predict the moves of the market, but if there is something significant happening, one can trade over that stock.

It is not possible, or rather; it is risky to be trading without the correct infrastructure or the guidance. This is where Ariton Group comes in. They are a group of committed people who will help people make the right decisions and put their money on the right horse, so to speak. The Ariton Group seeks to provide new-age unconventional answers to age old business problems. This is what, helps them to stay ahead of the curve. This group helps the stockholder to enjoy the benefits of the multiple trading chances that they are presented with, every day. Irrespective of whether the client is an amateur or a seasoned stockholder, this company will help the client take the best decisions.

The Ariton Group couples technical indicators and fundamental analysis to create a unique service combining algorithmic and human trading. We will talk to you about the excellent tax benefits that can be gained through our trading systems.