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Press Release   •   Sep 17, 2014 02:11 AEST

The Aussie Injury Helpline is a good first point of call after suffering and accident. This is very much the case when someone has been negligent. Knowing your legal rights will help set your mind at some ease.

Personal injury compensation due to negligence

If you suffered an injury on the road or at work, you might be entitled to personal injury compensation. Negligence can be a complex topic and negligence itself can only be determined by a lawyer. Even if you think no one was too blame or perhaps even blame yourself it is recommended that you stop and get the right advice by contacting the Australian injury helpline to discuss car accident compensation, work accident compensation, public liability compensation or product liability compensation.

Under common law compensation claims for negligence may include cases such as:

Work accident compensation

As well as statutory benefits an individual may also be entitled to non-statutory benefits in cases of negligence. The amount of work injury compensation you may receive under common law will depend on where your injury happened, who was to blame and how serious your injury is.

Road accident compensation

Road accident compensation for injuries will vary between States. Some States or Territories have a 'fault-based scheme' while others have a 'non fault based scheme. Again it will very much depend on where, why and how serious an injury is.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors do not always get it right do they? Sometimes they may fail to diagnosis a patient properly or correctly, or fail to treat them appropriately. Other cases may include improper anesthesia, delivery mistakes causing birth defects or unnecessary surgeries or even unnecessary amputation. Check out for medical negligence compensation.

Defective Products

Sometimes things are made with faults that lead to injuries. Cases like this include recalled items, damaged and dangerous parts in products and flammable materials.

Public Liability claims

A slip, trip or fall in business premises or a public place may occur for many reasons. These reasons may include; poor construction, failing to communicate and so forth.

Don't try to determine negligence yourself as this is the job of a lawyer. To speak to a lawyer in the right area of law contact the Australian injury helpline and you can establish your rights to accident compensation and obtain the right payout for personal injury claims.

Never accept an offer of compensation without contacting the Australian injury helpline or a lawyer first. Once you have accepted the offer you may sign away your rights to future car accident compensation or work accident compensation. One call may make all the difference. Get the right advice today.

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The Australian Injury Helpline are an independent organisation, assisting those who have been injured in Australia. The Australian Injury Helpline provides a free service offering free information, claim forms and arrangement of free legal advice by personal injury lawyers regarding work injury compensation, car accident compensation. The Australian Injury Helpline also offer a free referral service to local no win no fee lawyers.