The key Benefits Of Aluminium Balustrading

Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2016 18:08 AEDT

Aluminium BalustradingAluminium's natural coating of aluminium oxide provides a highly effective barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemicals, making it highly useful as a construction material.

Balustrades are a stylish, safe and functional way to beautify your home. The modern balustrade systems are designed specifically to enhance the value of your domestic and/or commercial setup. The key Benefit of Aluminium Balustrading is that you get as much as steel and wrought iron, yet at a cost much lower due to a less complex manufacturing process.

There are also many other benefits of using aluminium for Commercial Balustrade, the primary one being high resistance against corrosion and rust. Aluminium, therefore, makes a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor use, irrespective of the weather conditions. The 1 nm thick layer of aluminium oxide forming naturally on the surface resists further corrosion effectively, not only with air but also with other substances. A damaged area in the layer repairs itself within no time; just oxygen needs to stay present. Whereas with wrought iron, it will result in rust and stainless steel, in coastal climates, is prone to oxidation and get tea-stains. Aluminium, is comparatively, easier to maintain.

As for galvanic corrosion, there should be a contact with a nobler metal and the presence of a strong electrolyte between them. In dry atmospheres, it’s out of question. If you want to use stainless steel with aluminium Commercial Balustrading, there shall absolutely be no problem.

Next, it’s lightweight, yet has high strength and lasts longer than wood and as much as stainless steel. It comes cheaper than steel and wrought iron and doesn’t require maintenance the way steel and wrought iron do; especially in wet and humid weather conditions. Unlike wood, steel and iron, aluminium doesn’t need to be polished, varnished or painted.

Aluminium is more malleable than steel and iron and of course, than wood. So ease of use is high with it, which results in an extensive range of designs. Further, they are largely customisable to individual requirements. Aluminium also takes less time for construction and installation. Removal and replacements are also easier and result in shorter lead times.

There’s another variety of aluminium that you can use; it has been powder-coated and usually, with extensive warranties on the powder-coating. Aluminium is treated electrostatically and sprayed with coloured powder (you can choose from a variety of colours) and brought to a dry-finish. This provides an extra protective barrier. It ensures that during staged installations, there is no damage inflicted upon.

Be it in unique, temporary systems (with temporary handrails) or modular systems (enabling easy site modification upon requirement) or the balustrade needs to be produced on site, there is no other alternative to aluminium if you want a zero-maintenance material at a throwaway price.

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