The Sienna

The Sienna Releases Track "Just Have Fun"

Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2015 02:06 AEST

Australian musical artist Mark Vincent Miller, better known as The Sienna, has just released his newest single "Just Have Fun" and fans are going wild.

Mark Vincent Miller, better known as the Sienna, is an Australian musical phenomenon that has is looking to rise to the top of popular music charts with the release ofThe Sienna - Just Have Fun. This fun and funky tune has the potential to be the summer anthem of 2015. Born June 25, 1979, The Sienna has created the perfect blend between hard hitting beats with a mechanical feel and sound with his smooth, raspy voice to create what could very well be the defining song of 2015.

"What's amazing about Mr. Miller is his ability to connect with fans on multiple levels," says one fan. "He has a broad based appeal thanks to his simple, yet mesmerizing track. Just Have Fun is a fun, quirky tune that instantly makes you want to get on your feet and begin to move. There is simply no better song for this summer than "Just Have Fun".

"Just Have Fun" was a product of The Sienna's desire to help people remove themselves from the seriousness of everyday life, to remind them that it's ok to take a step back and let their hair down and just have fun. Without taking a timeout every now and again, life will simply pass you by. "Just Have Fun" is a call for people to simply stop and live in the moment, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Mark said he chose the name 'The Sienna' because it is a color used in multiple styles of art, from portraits to landscapes, and he likes to think of his music as the same; mixing multiple styles to create a nice picture.

Mark Vincent Miller prides himself on his approachability and loves interacting with his fans. He has various social media accounts that he uses to connect with fans across a wide range of demographics. In addition to interacting with fans, he has also made "Just Have Fun" available for your viewing and visiting pleasure on It can be found here: Fans are encouraged to share this video with friends and family and spread The Sienna's message to "Just Have Fun".

About Mark Vincent Miller "The Sienna"

Mark Vincent Miller, also known by his stage name The Sienna, is an Australian musical artist who draws influence from a variety of different genres. "Just Have Fun" is The Sienna's latest release and captures the very essence of having fun and enjoying everything life has to offer. Fans of Mr. Miller can connect with him via his various social media accounts including his Twitter profile 9, his Instagram account ( ) or by viewing his latest music video for "Just Have Fun" on YouTube ( Please feel free to view his video and share with your family and friends and encourage them to "Just Have Fun" today.

Australian recording artist Mark Vincent Miller (born 25 June 1979), better known by his stage name The Sienna is pleased to announce the release of his new track The Sienna - Just Have Fun. Find it on YouTube and Vevo today.