Thule Roof Rack System Best For Transporting Your Gear Safely

Press release   •   Jul 21, 2017 16:27 AEST

Roof Rack SystemAfter the automobile was invented, there were other inventions that added great value to the original product – the Thule Roof Racks were one of them. The Thule Roof Racks Manufacturing Company was founded in 1942 in Sweden and from then on, things changed in that automobile owners began carrying extra luggage on the vehicle roof. This like snow boards, skis, kayaks and even bikes could now be mounted onto the vehicle roof and carried safely.

Between then and now, both the automobiles and the Thule roof rack systems have come a long way. Both have undergone massive innovations and improvements. Cars have become more powerful, standardised and aerodynamic. The Thule roof rack systems on the other hand have become more aerodynamic, and versatile enough to carry anything. They have become easy to install, take off, easy to attach and secure luggage. Indeed, the vary material used to make Thule roof rack systems have undergone a sea-change. From simple iron to steel to aluminium and ultra-tough composites.

Just as there are engineers working on the next generation spacecraft, similarly, there are engineers working on making the next version of Thule roof rack systems better, stronger, more secure and more innovative.

Vehicle-Accessories in Sydney Australia carry the full range of Thule roof rack systems, are knowledgeable about the entire Thule roof rack systems range and also on installations on nearly every vehicle; and are happy to stand behind every Thule product they sell.

Vehicle-Accessories informs its customers that before a roof rack system is installed, you need to know what kind of roof your vehicle has. Currently, vehicle come with:

1. Bare roof
2. Raised Rails
3. With Tracks or custom installations
4. Aeroblade Edge Racks and,
5. Rain Gutters

What kind of roof rack base will fit your vehicle will depend on the kind of roof it has (above list). The roof rack base are the clamps or the four small pillars that not only hold up the roof rack, but also secure it to the roof of the car.

Once you have the base fitted, you then opt for the appropriate roof rack depending on what kind of luggage you wish to carry on the roof of your vehicle. There are general purpose roof racks which as the name suggests will allow you to carry suitcases and squar-ish or rectangular-ish luggage on the roof.

If you need to carry bikes, snowboards, skis or kayaks you will (ideally) need a different sort of Rola Roof Racks Online – one with speciality clamps to hold the bike or snowboards or skis or kayaks in place. Having specially designed roof racks is ideal because it makes loading, carrying securely and unloading very easy.

The range of Thule roof rack systems include:

1. Thule T2 Pro - 2 Bike racks,
2. Thule T2 Pro XT Black - 2 Bike racks
3. Thule 594XT Sidearm (for bikes),
4. Thule 835PRO Hull-a-port Pro (for Kayaks)
5. Thule 895 DockGrip (for Kayaks)
6. Thule 898 Hullavator Pro (Kayaks) and so forth...

For a complete list of Thule Roof Racks Sydney products, please visit or visit their store at Sydney Australia.

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