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Tips Before Choosing Freight Transportation Services

Press Release   •   May 04, 2016 19:44 AEST

ITS Transport servicesFor companies that depend on shipping their merchandise to different locations around the country or those in the import/export business, choosing the right freight transportation services is of paramount importance. Especially for smaller businesses the right transport company will make a big difference to their profitability. They need to find one that is capable of transporting the goods, but at a reasonable price.

There are several freight transportation service providers in Australia, some are well reputed while others merely namesake freight carriers with no infrastructure or experience worth mentioning. So how do you select the ideal freight carrier as your service provider? We give below some tips before choosing freight transportation services for your business:

1. Take the time to analyse the freight requirements for your particular business before approaching a freight carrier. What type of transportation do you need? What is the volume of cargo you need to ship and how often in a month would you need the service? What about packing and loading of the merchandise? Only when you are sure of your internal requirements should you begin looking for a freight transportation service.

2. After identifying your needs, look for a suitable freight transportation service for your business. As with any kind of shopping, conduct research online and short list about 3 or 4 freight carriers that appear suitable and provide the service you require.

3. Some freight transportation services haul loose merchandise, that is, goods packed in boxes, while others prefer palletised freight. Pallets are easier to move rather than loose cargo which requires labour and equipment to load/unload it. Your freight costs will go up depending on the freight carrier's handling of the cargo; more the handling higher the quote.

4. While the pricing is the most dominant factor in your decision to choose a freight transportation service, there are other aspects to pay attention to. Will the trucking company haul only full loads or can they accommodate partial loads? Can their trucks manage the long distance and will the merchandise be delivered on schedule?

5. Keep in mind that freight transportation services quote their rates depending on the type of cargo to be transported, the distance to be covered, the quantity to be shipped at a time as well as the frequency of shipping the goods. Businesses using the services several times a month will receive a discounted quote as against those not using the service regularly.

6. Before choosing freight transportation services, make sure it is a cost effective option that adds to your profitability and select the right company giving you the best quote.

Whether you require daily Parcel Freight Services or a weekly run, whether you need a small truck or a large container carrier, ITS Transport with its fleet of well-maintained vehicles can take care of all your freight transportation needs. Visit for information and a detailed quote.

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