Tips before Installing Garden Ornaments and Garden Plants

Press release   •   May 05, 2016 21:12 AEST

GARDEN CAREGarden ornaments combined with garden plants add a certain kind of appeal to a beautiful outdoor space. Most folks choose to decorate it with ornamental artefacts and knick-knacks to create a unique ambience. Thoughtfully placed, pretty yet practical objects lend a completed look to your garden space. Rather than work randomly it is important you understand certain tips before installing garden ornaments and garden plants.

1) Using garden ornaments for finishing touches:
Garden ornaments could be anything from a decorative wrought iron gate for access or a quaint ceramic pot used as a planter and placed by the gravel pathway. In fact, decorative garden ornaments along with lush green plants add a new dimension to your property.

2) Decorate the entrance to your home:
Create a pathway to connect different areas of the garden space by laying stone pavers matching the exterior of the house. Inlaying the pavers with grass lends it a touch of beauty and makes for an enjoyable stroll in the garden.

3) A design for your outdoor space:
Use terracotta pottery and pedestals to highlight specific areas of the garden. Old lanterns hung from tree branches take your attention to a different level, adding to the charm of a beautiful green space.

4) Tie-up garden ornaments with your garden theme:
The style of your seating arrangements should match with the overall garden ornaments. For example stone seating can be matched with the stone decorations to create a harmonised space outdoors. A wrought iron bench placed under a shady tree goes well with the decorative iron fencing of your garden.

5) Light up your green space:
Garden lights give a romantic feel especially on a moonlit night. Why not add to the effect by putting up lights in hanging lanterns on the tree branches? You could use antique-looking lamps for the purpose and take the appearance to a new level even during daytime.

6) Use plants as garden ornaments:
Use your potted plants to create a beautiful, eye-catching display. You could place a few ornamental potted plants to gether on a pedestal or a stone ledge on the wall to create an interesting display of your plant collection.

7) Add a water feature:
Installing a water fountain in your green space not only looks beautiful but also adds a touch of tranquillity to your surroundings. The tinkle of flowing water brings about a sense of calm and attracts birds to your garden.

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