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Tips before Selecting Venetian Blinds for Your Home

Press Release   •   May 03, 2016 15:48 AEST

Venetian BlindsWindow coverings must be decorative yet functional. Well chosen window blinds not only offer privacy and light control but also enhance the ambience of the room. With such a wide choice of options available these days, getting the perfect window blinds for your home may not be all that simple. To avoid the confusion and make the right choice, you might want to arm yourself with some information and tips before selecting Venetian blinds for your home.

Consider the positioning of the Venetian Blind and the material to be used:

Timber Venetian blinds provide a classic look to your windows and improve the overall appearance of a room. They are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms but do not work well in areas with high moisture content and heat like bathrooms and kitchens. Fauxwood Venetian blinds on the other hand, have the classic appeal of timber and remain unaffected with moisture or heat.

Consider your budget:

Will you be fitting out all the windows in your home with blinds? Or is it only a couple of windows that need coverings? This is an important factor to consider before selecting Venetian blinds for your home. The costs depend on the type of material, the size of the windows as well as the special fabrics used. As you would know, timber Venetian blinds are much more expensive than Fauxwood Venetians.

Consider the effort required to maintain your window blinds:

Window blinds attract a lot of dust and grime, so require regular cleaning. Standard quality window blinds can be easily cleaned at home but the specialised kind must be sent to professional cleaners. Consider how much time and effort you intend to spend on keeping the window blinds clean and accordingly decide on the type of Venetian Blinds for your home.

Measure the windows:

Before selecting Venetian blinds for your home, measure the windows for the correct size. If you'd like inside mounted Venetian Blinds, leave out the frame while measuring; include the frame for outside-mounted styles. Knowing the sizes gives you a better idea about the quantum of materials required. It is also important to ask your supplier to recheck the sizes before ordering.

Consider the outside view:

Before selecting Venetian blinds for your home, consider how they would look from the outside. Your selection must look good from the outside too – a neutral appearance works best.

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