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Tips For Choosing The Professional Signage Solutions For Your Business

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2017 17:42 AEST

Professional Signage SolutionsMore often than not, the way your business name is put up says a lot - it either spells class (and therefore attracts customers) or, it is just so-so or downright ugly and uncaring which again would say a lot about how you feel about your own business.

So if you are starting out new or renovating and wish to put up your business entity name in a manner that spells class, here are a few tips for choosing the professional signage solutions for your business.

Tip # 1 Signage location: Bang Centre ! Human eye catches anything in its absolute centre so if you want your customers to get your message, place your signage in the centre of the display area with sufficient space around it i.e. no clutter because you don't want it to be lost in a sea of other messages / products vying for customer attention. Many business owners imagine that it is their products or services that are important – wrong! First the name/message then the product or service you are selling. Present your name or message stylishly and you've won half the battle to convinced your customers that they are at the right place.

Tip # 2 Beauty: Your may place the signage in the centre but is attractively done, is it interesting enough to hold your customer's attention long enough so they actually read it and not just glance at it?

Tip # 3 Clarity and imagination: We've seen business owners using a signage that deliberately confuses the customers in the belief that they will walk in to seek clarification and that is when the sales rep is supposed to make the sales pitch. Bad technique.

Video graphed evidence proves beyond doubt that for every customer that walked in, 5 just shook their heads and walked away. So keep your message short, to the point using elegant and highly readable font. Finally the entire message itself needs to be attractively displayed. Believe us when we say that the human mind takes in all this in split second.

Use highlights and colours only when you are sure of it because your customer's eye will directly go towards the highlighted text or graphic first – any in the process, might miss other important details.

Tip # 4 Words! Use of the right words makes all the difference. Psychologists will confirm that use of words like “you” or “yours” makes a huge difference because it creates a one-on-one link between your product or service and your customers. Your customer starts visualising themselves using your products or service.

Tip # 5: When you signage is ready, test it. You're probably wondering how – start with yourself. Place yourself a few feet away from your Office Signage Sydney, stand at an angle to it, walk backwards until you are 20+ feet away. Can you see your signage clearly in all conditions including day/night? Better still, use your staff or your friends.

Apart from visual inspection mentioned above, have the signage tested for reaction by requesting your friends to check it out and providing you a honest feedback.

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