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Transform Your Home With Stylish and Attractive Fixed Canopy Awnings

Press release   •   Jul 05, 2017 15:46 AEST

Fixed Canopy AwningsCanopy awnings lend an old world charm to the building structure. Often, you find canopy awnings over shop fronts. Stylish and attractive fixed canopy awnings ensure that the business establishment stands out from the crowd. A colourful canopy awning is a great tool that is bound to attract more clients and business although its main aim is to protect people from the rain and sun at the entryway.

Fixed canopy awnings are not meant only for shops or business premises, they work equally well for a residential setting. You can use fixed canopy awnings for covering windows and doors in your home. The size, shape colour and design of canopy awnings ensure that your home looks attractive and the overall pleasing effect certainly adds value to it.

An awning is a roof-like cover made up of canvas or PVC that stretches on a frame to extend the sheltered area at the entrance of a building. It can be put up over a window, balcony, deck or patio to shelter users from the hot sun and rain. Fixed canopy awnings over windows keeps the interiors cool so you make some saving on energy bills too. Bright colours and bold patterns create a unique sense of style for your home or business establishment. Also, they increase the aesthetic beauty of the property with their arresting appearance.

Canopy awnings come in a range of shapes and colours. As to the size, fixed canopy awnings are made to order so that you have a perfect fit. There are also different varieties of canopy awnings namely, fixed and retractable. The retractable ones can be neatly folded and kept out of the way when not required. Fixed or stationary canopy awnings are fixed as the term suggests. These are easier to maintain and keep clean because there are no movable portions.

To the home owner, fixed canopy awnings provide a number of benefits. Protection from the elements is the main advantage of putting up a canopy awning. When put up over a deck or patio, awnings protect the furniture, upholstery, drapes and the flooring from fading due to harsh sun rays. For a commercial set up, an Affordable Ziptrak Blinds Awnings can serve a dual purpose - as a signboard. Printing the name of the establishment on the awning attracts attention of passing public, and this is certainly great for business.

Transform your home with stylish and attractive Custom Fixed Canopy Awnings from Apollo Blinds, Australia. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colours to suit your home exteriors. The products are of the highest quality with a powder coated aluminium rib structure covered with fabric of your choice and tailor made to fit the desired space. Request for a free measure and quote at http://apolloblinds.com.au

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