Trimlite Poolside Glass Railings Systems are Designed for Strength and Ease of Installation

Press Release   •   Oct 14, 2016 20:46 AEDT

Aluminium Pool RailingsWhen you put a glass fencing you want to be sure that it is designed for strength and that it can withstand the pressure and force of any well endowed adult leaning against the pool glass railing or kids playing and climbing all over glass fence. The poolside glass fencing needs to be able to keep standing straight without breaking no matter what. To achieve this takes quality material and workmanship – the kind that Trimlite specialises in.

So does strength, ease of installation and non-breakability mean you have to sacrifice beauty? Far from it. Every poolside fence, balustrade, staircase railing, gate, deck or fencing installation by trimlite apart from strength and ease of installation, is also meant to enhance beauty of the property. Towards this end, Trimlite offers framed and non-framed poolside glass fencing with stainless steel, plain aluminium or powder coated aluminium top rails crowning toughened glass that is either framed or non-framed depending on client request and design specifications. In fact, Trimlite specialises in the design and installation of all types of poolside glass fencing including balustrading for your spa, swimming pool, timber dec or balcony.

Trimlite can install anything from semi framed square fencing posts to full rounded stainless steel and aluminium fencing posts and for strength and ease of installation, can be done with or without a bottom rail. If you want the aluminium railing to be power coated, there is no limit as to the colour. You choose the colour and it will be done.

Many folks are unaware that Trimlite can also fix framed and unframed glass Fencing Sydney systems without loss of strength, on any timber deck that might surround your swimming pool or spa or timber balcony. Where there are tiles surrounding the pool or spa, we can install the poolside framed glass fencing system directly into the concrete so it does not interrupt existing fixtures if any.

The pooslide fencing can optionally also include a framed glass gate with stainless steel self closing hinges. Additionally, child proof safety latches can also be added. Apart from beauty of the installed product, Trimlite takes safety and quality very seriously and are happy to confirm that our poolside glass fencing either meets or exceeds the Australian standards for poolside glass fencing. Trimlite keeps up-to-date with current building regulations for Glass Pool Railings, glass gates and fencing include glass pool fencing.

The Trimlite installation staff are not only trained in the proper installation of all Trimlite products, they are provided with only superior, quality approved products which also explains why Trimlite have such a good reputation. Trimilite offers its customers peace of mind because Trimlite does not believe in making any design compromises.

Trimlite's Amazing On Time or it's FREE Guarantee* Whilst Trimlite always focus on providing you with high quality, low maintenance products our clients know they will be treated with the upmost respect, that is why we provide you with our "On Time or it's Free Guarantee".