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Vansat promises a wider coverage and crystal clear reception via Portable satellite TV systems

Press Release   •   Apr 04, 2018 17:24 AEST

Vansat, one of Australia’s finest providers of integrated satellite TV solutions today, announced their efforts to have even more Australians watch their TV on the go through portable satellite TV. This came in at a convenient time when most of Australians are embracing the idea of touring their great sub-continent full of what nature has to offer, while keeping in touch with their favorite programs.

Vansat prides itself as one of the greatest pioneers of portable satellite TV systems in Australia, as put forth by its founders. One of the cofounders explained that the idea of caravan satellite internet was born when they decided to cruise the country with a Viscount caravan using a typical TV antennae. Poor signal quality experienced in most parts of the country brought about the idea of building caravan satellite television kit, suited for use by travellers and rural dwellers. Today, Vansat has this kit distributed to virtually all over the country and viewers do not have to bear the burden of poor signal reception.

The portable satellite TV kits designed through craftsmanship, is purposely built to help people receive crystal clear signals on their TV regardless of their location in Australia. Vansat engineers add that most of the channels broadcasted via these portable satellites are free to air, meaning viewers do not have to worry about payment modes while on the go. This, they explain, comes in as a great advantage when travellers have to budget between paying TV and spending for their trip.

Vansat engineers point out that they spent time and resources to research and develop their satellite kits to come up with the most ideal dish sizes to suit enhanced performance while meeting space limitations. The company explains that they conducted interviews and researches among travellers and those residing in areas with poor signal reception. As a result, different portable satellite kits were built to suite particular needs of viewers. The engineers explain that Vansat satellite kits can be used by campervans, caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, 4WDs, marine, boating and shipping as well as rural property dwellers.

With a wide range of users covered with these satellite kits, Vansat explains that their kits can be used anywhere or whenever crystal clear signals are needed. With their release of the automatic satellite kits, the process of setting the kit up has been simplified further. The engineers explain that the setup process is as simple as button push. No expertise is needed for travellers to start watching their satellite TVs from wherever they are. This coupled with the fact that most channels broadcasted are free to air, travellers and rural dwellers have no reason not to ditch their old antennae, as the engineers put forth.

Vansat satellite systems are built for portability, but they can still be used in the same way in homes. Mobile satellite internet makes it possible to stream high quality crystal displays at home or wherever one seeks to travel to. Tripods can be replaced with roof mounts if the kit is being used in homes or permanent locations.

Vansat explains that their satellite TV solutions has raised the standards of TV watching around the country, a good reason as to why every traveller and rural dwellers use these kits.

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