What Are The Benefits Of Using Rola Roof Racks System

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2017 15:45 AEST

Rola Roof Racks SystemRola brand of Roof Rack Systems is the best Roof Rack System for several reasons including design, quality, matching customer requirements, range of accessories and of course, economy.

Vehicle Accessories is Australia’s best roof rack specialist (apart from Bars-n-Racks). They stock thousands of products which are available in store as well as online here:

Vehicle Accessories cover the entire range of roof racks – from basic square bar roof racks right up to the aerodynamic S-Wing – adjudged to be the worlds quietest set of roof racks.

Now lets see why the Rola brand of Roof Rack Systems is the best Roof Rack System and let us also see the benefits of using the Rola Roof Rack System. Let's take the Rola Prorack P-Bar roof rack system.

The Prorack P-Bar is a very good high quality roof rack system that is actually inexpensive to buy. It is an roof rack for your up coming holiday, weekend away, or casual boating wherein you have to carry your kayak on your vehicle roof-top. Rola's Prorack P-Bar roof rack is a kind of traditional roof rack system in comparison to say the Prorack S-Wing.

Additionally, the Prorack P-Bar can carry up to 75Kg of luggage and when compared to the cost of purchase, this makes excellent economic sense. Furthermore, the wide range of accessories ensure that Rola's Prorack P-Bar will fit most vehicles with little to no effort.

To sum up, the benefits of using Rola Prorack P-Bar Roof Rack System are, can take 75kgs of weight, they can be removed when not required, they are lockable, they use the patented smart-foot technology which makes it possible to install them on most vehicle roof-tops.

Now lets look at the benefits of using the Rola's Prorack S-Wing roof rack:
The “s” shape is a revolutionary design that ensures minimal wind resistance and drag. In fact, it has 70% less wind drag in comparison to any other roof rack system in the World and the Rola Prorack Whisbar has an unrivalled balance of strength, beauty and weight rating - (75Kg) per pair. When coupled with the Rola Prorack fitting kit, the Prorack S-Wing and Prorack Whisbar are easy to install or uninstall.

Now for the benefits of using Rola's Prorack HD-Bar roof rack system:
Rola's Prorack HD-Bar roof rack system has a World-class inbuilt rubber ‘load strips’ that couple with integrated tie down points. Prorack Roof Racks system also use the famous Rola Smart Foot Technology™ that makes it easy to put up or remove the roof rack. They also incorporate key locks for added security.

And if you are looking to carry something heavy – up to 100Kgs in weight, check out Rola's HD-Bar roof rack system. It too has 70% less drag and has similar design features as the Rola's S-Wing Roof Rack.

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