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What are the most common injuries when people file motor accident compensation claims?

Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2013 06:07 AEDT

Road injuries can occur to just about anyone. Even if you don't drive you can suffer an injury as a pedestrian. Drivers and vehicle passenger injuries are the most common as our road get busier and an increased number of in car distractions such as mobile phones and satellite navigation.

Pedestrian Injuries

Common injuries as a pedestrian include; death by hit and run, head injuries, spinal injuries and broken limbs. In the event of a pedestrian accident a person usually suffers from the impact of the car as well as the fall to the ground so head injuries are usually always common and go hand in hand with other bodily injuries.

Motor vehicle personal injury lawyers

Although pedestrian injuries do occur most road injuries occur to drivers due to another drivers' negligence or reckless driving. Common injuries include, death, spinal injuries and head injuries. Car accident victims who suffer motor vehicle accident injuries really ought to seek advice from an independent organisation like accident injury compensation helpline.

The reason for this is when an accident has occurred a person who has suffered injuries needs to claim motor accident compensation and may require the services of motor accident compensation lawyer. A motor accident compensation lawyer or Motor Accident Specialist Solicitors will help you by first reviewing your case and letting you know your full entitlements based on the specific circumstances of your injuries.

Passenger injuries

As a passenger in a car accident, if you suffer injuries you may be entitled to Motor Accident Compensation for your injuries. If you injuries are serious, leaving you with a disability of a permanent injury that affects your life significantly stopping you from returning to work, you may be awarded for future economic losses as well as for your pain and suffering.

Car Injury Compensation Lawyers

Always obtain legal advice from compensation claim lawyers who will advise you of your rights and entitlements to compensation. You may be faced with a number of legal options and an independent helpline can arrange this advice for you.

Never accept an offer of motor accident compensation until you have discussed the offer with an independent organisation or a motor accident compensation lawyer.

Once you have accepted an offer of a lump sum payment you may not be able to make a future claim. This is why it is so important to make sure you are within your rights and receiving your full entitlements. If your accident happened on the way to or from work you may also be entitled to work compensation and car accident lawyers Australia might be able to assist in this regard.

Accident Injury Compensation is a free advice injury helpline service available for Australians to connect you with expert solicitors to fight your compensation case against insurance companies for your benefit.