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Whispbar Rack System Features and Benefits

Press Release   •   Jan 05, 2017 17:12 AEDT

Whispbar Rack SystemWhispbar rack systems eliminate the need to go for different designs and sizes of rack systems for different cars and relieve you from compromising style for utility.

Where other rack systems call quits, Whispbar takes off!

Prolonged studies and researches went into the creation of Whispbar, making it something more than just racks and accessories. They are beautiful, aerodynamic – but most of all, it’s the ingenious installation of the system and a truly seamless integration that sets it apart. It also ends the problem of not being able to use the sunroof once a rack system is installed.

That becomes possible with the years long observations over the various disadvantages that shape the Whispbar roof rack systems’ DOUBLE-LOCKING mechanism. Synonymous to enhancement, Whispbar readies you for difficult journeys. A refined design engineered for flawless integration, it doesn’t make use of nuts and bolts like other rack systems. The BAR AERODYNAMICS makes it impeccably streamlined, resulting in an aerofoil wing shape. The PerformaRidge™ design is comes from the application of PerformaFill™ technology and it delivers a premium performance by taking out crossbars that often cause hindrance by drag and noise. At the end, you get a quiet ride that enhances your vehicles fuel efficiency and a rack system that lasts for years.

Talking about the Tech Aerodynamics of the Whispbar Rack System, its unique shape has been subjected to wind-tunnel testing while the SmartFoot mounting system adheres seamlessly to the vehicle. It’s the magic of the sleek fitting kits that make installation fast and easy unlike any other foundation. They are different for every brand and make of cars, designed specifically to ensure a secure fit. They are modular and eliminate the need for whole new Rola Roof Rack for every vehicle. Precision fit is all that they deliver.

A quick swapping needs to be tool-free and that’s where Whispbar rises above the rest. Whether it’s a bike mount or a boat mount, Whispbar assures every piece to work in sync with each other and create a more functional assemblage that also looks better than the rest. The QUICKDOCK SYSTEM is a remarkable feature of the Whispbar accessories; it’s what makes the rack systems an intelligent choice. The integrated QuickDock™ technology allows locking to the crossbars firmly without the need to use tools. It is an elegant solution to the Car Roof Racks Sydney accessory status quo, allowing quick transformation of the rack to a complete accessory system for a seamless integration. Thanks to the T-Bolt; it fits right into the T-Slot without requiring any trims or time-consuming adjustments. The SmartFill technology compresses and expands as the accessory requires, making the bars aerodynamic to the max. It’s the first one in the industry to eliminate the need for such modifications.

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