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Why is Braille Tactile Signs Necessary

Press Release   •   Jan 23, 2017 17:39 AEDT

Braille Tactile SignsA Diverse Society

We live in a diverse society, with diverse people with diverse needs. We live in a society where people from these diverse walks of life will be required at some point or another to access our public space and buildings.

There is a reason the term “handicapped” has been challenged over the years and replaced with the more politically correct term “disabled.” In fact, if you didn’t already know, the term handicapped is only applicable when the environment of a disabled individual does not provide the necessities for that individual to adequately function.

For this reason, braille tactile signs have been designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired persons in our diverse society. With these signs the visually disabled will be able to function with a level of normalcy for them.

Gone are the days when we dismiss our visually impaired productive members of our society, yes, I did say productive! These individuals can be found working in public buildings and government buildings. I’ve had the pleasure of riding to work in a bus every single day with a visually impaired woman who worked with a local government office.

To make these individuals more at ease in public space braille tactile signs are needed. So, if you are considering designing a building with any of the following capacities, you may want to take into consideration using braille tactile signs to open up your business to these individuals. Here is a list of places that should have Braille Tactile Signs Sydney designs.

Where We Need Them

Ø Government buildings- Visually impaired individuals have needs as well to visit the local government buildings from time to time to conduct their business.
Ø National Parks and Rec Buildings- Let us give them a comfortable and familiar surrounding where they can get out of the house as well and enjoy some leisure time.
Ø Hospitals and Doctor Buildings- Needless to say, we all from time to time have to visit these places

Ø Office Buildings
Ø Local shops- Yes, the visually impaired go shopping too. When we adopt braille tactile signs we open up our businesses to a wider cross section of the society.
Ø Restaurants, libraries and hotels just to name a few others.

Ideally, where do we need to place these tactile signs? Let us think about our daily needs when we go out into public space and how this can be presented as a challenge for the visually impaired if they have no way of being guided.

Braille tactile signs are necessary in the following areas of common access to the public:

Ø Restrooms, specially marked for males and females.
Ø Hallways and doorways
Ø Parking lots
Ø Entrances and Exits
Ø Elevators and Stairways
Ø Traffic Intersections

Aiming for Independence

When we understand, and appreciate the level of necessity of braille tactile signs to our community, businesses and corporations will make every effort to ensure that they create an environment that is suitable for all customers. When we incorporate braille textile Custom Signs Sydney in our everyday life out in the public, we are giving the visually impaired some level of independence to get around with little interference and guidance.

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