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Why Organic Gardening Services Is Needed For Your Garden?

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2017 16:59 AEST

Organic Gardening ServicesThe simple answer to the question why organic gardening is needed for your garden is, “its a holistic approach to nature” and therefore, perfectly in tune with nature.

Organic gardening services is done through deep understanding of how nature works. For example, there are plants that naturally repel certain insects and there are insects that feed on other insects. Nature has it's checks and balances everywhere – as humans, we need to understand them and work with nature rather than reaching for the first bottle of chemical insecticide that we can find.

In most cases, the chemical insecticide not only kills a certain species of insect, it kills several other friendly species too and very often, the plants as well. We use chemical based treatment to try and solve one problem but unknowingly create a dozen new ones. Chemicals tend to upset the micro-ecosystem that exists within every garden.

“Organic” garden services essentially goes with the natural flow and that is why it is needed for your garden. An organic gardening service provider is a professional gardener who doesn't just avoid using synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, he has observing nature’s processes, and does his best to emulate it in your garden.

The organic gardening service provider essentially studies the soil and feeds the soil rather than your plants. To do this, the organic gardening service provider will first restore the resources your garden consumes. This is done naturally by adding organic matter such as compost or growing certain plants and then tilling them back into the soil. Your organic gardening service provider essentially uses compost as a replenishing additive to make your soil plant-friendly. The plants in turn grow health and more resistant to attacks by predators.

Your organic gardening service provider might request for kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit scraps which he will then mix with soil and put into the ground. So by going organic, you are not only helping your plants grow healthier, you become more eco-friendly. In fact, adding left over kitchen material to soil means healthier soil and eating vegetables grown in healthy soil means a healthier you. This is perhaps the best reason why organic gardening services are needed for your garden.

You need to understand and accept that organic gardening service providers will allow a certain amount of pest damage. This is all part of a natural system that includes wildlife – even bugs. Some of these pests feed on more dangerous pests – the ones that can do real harm to your plants.

A Lawn Care Service provider will regularly check your plants for insects. More often than not, these insects can be rid off at the initial stages itself by simply (and manually) removing the eggs or the insects themselves – before they spread. This is by far the best and easiest way to rid your garden of pests.

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