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Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2015 20:15 AEST

Menopause information and Resources for WomenWhen it comes to women’s menopause there is an abundance of information that mostly comes from sources that have poor understanding of what women’s menopause means. To start with, only a few women understand what they are going through when first hit by menopause symptoms. This results in them unknowingly seeking information from the wrong sources and may often end up taking the wrong medication leading to further complications.

The local professional health services or family physician should be the first person to provide the correct diagnosis and medication if any. But local professional health services or your family physician rarely has the time or inclination to provide detailed information on the subject. For this you must either buy or seek at the local library; authoritative books on women’s menopause or, visit the local Women's health resource centre or find online resources for authoritative information on women’s menopause.

When it comes to online menopause women's health resource centre, one of the best online resources on the subject is the Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre at MRCW Website

As at the time of writing this article, The Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre had over 23,000 members and numerous local support groups. The Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre is not just a repository of authoritative information on any issue connected with women’s menopause, it is also an interactive site meaning you can post your question there of even chat with a ‘live’ rep for any information you might need.

The Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre not only covers the central theme i.e. women’s menopause, it is also a repository on other medical issues as well thereby also making it a Women's health resource centre. The Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre also provides support for several menopause discussion groups. These menopause discussion groups help dispel wrong information and myths about menopause. Anyone including relatives and friends can join these menopause discussion groups. A menopause discussion group is chaired by an authoritative person from the Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre and the basic idea is to learn from real life experiences of other women on how to deal with menopause related issues.

The need for Women's Menopause Information Centre arose because when it came to women’s menopause, women themselves rarely understood what was happening and also, there was as lot of wrong information on the topic. There was also the realization that a friendly neighbour or friend might not be the best source of accurate information on the subject hence the need for place albeit an online repository for all information on women’s menopause and accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world.

So if you feel you have entered menopause or pre-menopause stage, visit It has all the right information on how to deal with this natural phenomena. The Women's Menopause Resource Information Centre also has menopause support groups that you might want to join. More information on it is available at

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The MRCW we honor your unique experience and your unique challenges. There is no one else in the world quite like you and no one will experience Menopause quite like you will because your, Genetic, Symptomatic and Hormonal profile is specific to you.

There is no “One Size Fits All” approach to Menopause so and you and your Health Providers’ will have to work together to design a support and treatment plan that will work for you. We’ll do our best to give you the knowledge that you need to make informed choices no matter what you choose to do, and although our focus is primarily on you and your needs, Menopause also has a flow-on effect in the lives of the family, friends and colleagues of menopausal women so we offer help for them too.