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Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2016 17:53 AEDT

Office MoveDue to various reasons, the business or the office sometimes needs to relocate. At times like this, there is so much additional stress on the management and employees alike. Therefore, employing the services of professionals like Zoom Business Relocation helps to ease the strain to a great extent.

Relocation needs to have a proper strategy. Some of the questions which need answers which are crystal clear are:

a) The reasons for the move – is it required and will it solve the space problem, location problem, costs or change in the methods of working
b) What will be the implications of moving
c) Will it benefit the staff and customers alike
d) Can refurbishing be considered as an alternative
e) Is the time right to relocate

Relocation will need to be considered looking at the big picture of the business strategy over the next 3-5 years. It should be able to help the business to more effectively and efficiently meet their goals. What needs to be remembered that in the case of office relocation, the entire process will take around 6 months to at least a year and a half.

The relocation of the office also needs to be coordinated with the current Business Removal strategy and should in no way negatively impact staff training, new product launches or the fiscal targets that need to be achieved.

A checklist needs to be created and the management should identify the phases of relocation. This needs to be informed by the entire team and these need to be reviewed constantly to check that all the tasks are being completed as per the schedule

In addition to employing professionals like Zoom Business Relocation, your IT team should also be informed so that there is no loss of productivity and the processes as well as systems run smoothly. They should ensure that the downtime is for the shortest possible time and that the customers are not affected.

The existing team needs to be not only informed but they need to be active participants and know their role. The commitments, as well as workload, need to be balanced in addition to the responsibilities which come with moving.

A project leader is essential to manage the entire process of moving and he or she needs to be given the authority to make decisions. He or she should be the one point of contact and in constant touch with the Zoom Business Relocation professionals.

Communication is the key in relocation – whether it is with Zoom Business Relocation or with the other team members or staff or even the management. Without proper and transparent communication, the entire process will crumble.

Finally a realistic budget is needed. Cutting corners during the relocation will lead to additional and much more expense in the future.

These are some poignant points which need to be part of the Office Relocation strategy.

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