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As Big Bang gets downgraded to a bang in a snap, the first scientific proof of Multiverse claimed

Press Release  •  Mar 22, 2014 03:16 CET

Theoretical physicist Dr. Mensur Omerbashich claims precedence in proving Multiverse.

Boston-Sarajevo, 21.03.2014.  After the 18 March, 2014, release of the first claim of successful verification of the (Linde) cosmological theory aka Inflationary cosmology, HM King of Bosnia and All of Illyria (titular) Mensur Omerbashich (PhD theoretical geophysics, UNB Canada, 2003) has made the precedence claim for scientific confirmation of Multiverse - the core requirement of the (Andrei Linde's) theory. Namely, the Linde "Inflation" (Linde's theory of the origin of universes properly called as it has little to do with inflationary theory that never worked so that Guth has recanted it according to Linde in a Financial Times audio-interview) requires infinite vacuum-energy filling the space beyond our known universe, for any universe to come into being. Therefore, as most cosmologists agree, the recent verification is posed to confirm that universes continue infinitely – a fundamentally different understanding of reality than previous viewpoints, which is commonly referred to as Multiverse.

Dr. Omerbashich was the first theorist who, while in Berkeley in 2005, proved (so-called Type II) Multiverse experimentally from physical observations, by mathematically and multiphysically demonstrating the existence of infinitely many universes, or Multiverse for short (not to be confused for Parallel Worlds or Many Worlds imaginary concept from quantum physics): He did this by successfully expressing the Newtonian gravitational constant G, and thus gravity g too, via speed of light c. There, G and c were taken in their absolute forms (as proportions) since no one knows what physics applies in outer universes.  G was thus considered without units which Newton anyway appended to G only in order to close his own (our universe's) physics mathematically... (Here "only" is not meant out of disrespect for Newton, but to say that Multiverse was starting physical hypothesis).

The Multiverse concept was taken as the starting physical hypothesis by ad infinitum generalizing the Earth-Moon system’s non-temporal secondary (magnified mass-resonance) gravitational effects:  In his proof, Omerbashich used more than 10 billion 1Hz gravity measurements, spanning one decade, from (Canadian) superconducting gravimeter – the world's most accurate instrument used also for verifying G.  His expressing G via c on both quantum and mechanist scales (as Einstein hinted at in 1930s) tells us how quantum mechanics and gravity are unified. As a US citizen, Omerbashich had sent his proof for verification to David Wineland of NIST back in 2008, however Wineland submitted it to Nature three months later as his own, and received the 2012 Physics Nobel Prize for this "abridging of quantum and mechanist worlds"; alas without offering a theory for the solution that resolved the greatest mystery of quantum physics of all time (for which, oddly enough, he only shared the Prize). Omerbashich counterclaimed the Prize: British Nobel laureate for quantum physics Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with Omerbashich: "I accept that it is a remarkable coincidence".

Curiously, Multiverse contradicts the original Big Bang theory the way Roman-Catholic priest Lemaître envisioned it while most likely (being a priest with a science degree, rather than a science evangelist as some kindly portray him) basing it on Genesis trying to make Big Bang the final word of cosmology, and our known universe all that there is. The Omerbashich proof of Hyperverse of infinitely many mutually orbiting-oscillating multiverses is the first scientific evidence that Genesis, as the Roman-Catholic Church’s main doctrine, is wrong. The Omerbashich discovery can be summarized in form of a most basic function: g = f (c).  The Omerbashich proof is a part of his cosmological Hyperresonance Unifying Theory (HUT) that has seen more than ten confirmations and strongly supporting indications over the past two years since first published. Some of those, such as the European Space Agency’s Planck mission, could independently corroborate the Omerbashich proof.  While it demonstrated the existence of infinitely many universes both mathematically and multi-physically (from Earth's own most accurate gravity measurements; without any universe's physical units), HUT also confirmed the string theory’s paradigm on oscillatory rather than particlegenic reality.

In addition, HUT made the first proof of Albert Einstein's famous view on quantum physics ("-God plays no dice"), which showed that quantum physics is locally real i.e. objectocentric. It is primarily a byproduct of secondary - here resonant - effects of tides in the Earth-Moon system that naturally tends to impose its own resonant properties as common to all particles within the system. Quantum physics will thus obey different but still seemingly (or even similarly) stochastic rules in another system of oscillatory-orbitally interacting heavenly bodies. This basically shows there is nothing strange about alleged strangeness in quantum physics realm.  Soon after the news of BICEP2 result broke out, certain interest groups started questioning BICEP2 by claiming "cosmic dust", "self-organizing universe at a later time than the bang", and so on, as reasons for this earliest deciphered uniformity. Such claims are nonsensical as they offer no viable alternative explanations, while implying either too small patches of dust as causes to such highly ordered uniformity, or even a "divine intervention" in order for the detected uniformity to have occurred on such vast scales and at later stages in the development of our known universe.  Besides, mathematical equations namely the Omerbashich equation cannot be argued about, or, in the words of Einstein: "A mathematical equation stands forever".

Multiverse has been proven experimentally first by Dr. Mensur Omerbashich in Berkeley in 2005 and then 2012, from 10+ billion gravity measurements taken by the (Canadian) superconducting gravimeter as the Earth’s most accurate instrument used for studying G, as well as mathematically (by expressing G via c on quantum and mechanist scales, as first hinted by Einstein in 1930s), and multi-physically (w/o units of any universe):


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Academic version of the claim is published in:

Journal of the European Royal Society 3(1):3-4 (2014)

(Open Access)

H.M. Omerbashich's profile (in English).

The Bosnian Royal Family was created in A.D. 1141, and it is the sole royal family of Bosnia.

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