Assurance Maritime Bangladesh Limited

Maritime Claims Specialist | Admiralty & Shipping Law Firm | Chittagong, Mongla, Payra and Dhaka | Bangladesh

Press Release   •   Apr 08, 2018 08:44 GMT

We provide end to end advice across the whole shipping logistics chain and are able serve our clients on a wide array of matters ranging from simple P&I claims to complex trans-border maritime disputes.

Our services are organised into a number of core activities areas that allow us to apply specialist sector knowledge with the benefit of our accumulated expertise. We have the flexibility to configure teams that meet our clients' needs in or across those areas: admiralty assistance, claims support and legalservices.

With a progressive ‘total project management' model, we provide a better customer experience while saving our clients’ time and money. We carefully scope and plan each work and where possible quote upfront for our clients to get predictable costs, timescales and outcomes.


Our highly experienced admiralty team can be on site within the first critical hours of a maritime emergency at Chittagong, Mongla and Payra port in Bangladesh.

Our admiralty team can attend the vessel to investigate all kinds of incidents ranging from collisions, groundings, fires onboard & explosions to cargo & container loss, pollutions and fatal injuries. We are able to analyse & interpret the navigational data and meteorological conditions at the time of casualty to reconstruct accident scenario. We evaluate the cause, nature and extent of the damage, advise on the possible mitigation, repair solutions and develop evidences for litigation.

We provide practical guidance for dealing with government agencies & port authorities, witness and crews & their families. Our expertise extends to media management in the aftermath of a casualty.

We handle salvage, towage and general average, unsafe port & berth, unseaworthiness, total loss, transshipment, pilotage, wreck removal matters. We can help our clients to decide on jurisdiction, limitation of liability in maritime claims, security issues. We assist the client to adopt the most appropriate dispute resolution method whether by negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.


Our specialist claims team utilises their established understanding of shipping supply chain and associated risks environment to produce some truly amazing solutions.

Our main focus is on P&I correspondence service and assists the P&I clubs, liability insurers and their members where and when they need it; whether it is provision of letter of undertakings, on-site attendance, timely and accurate advice or simply prompt settlement of the claim. We also provide them early and effective advice on emerging or actual risk situations, take appropriate loss prevention measures to mitigate potential claims and liabilities.

We are experienced in handling all sorts of P&I claims including personnel injury, illness & death, diversions, cargo loss & damage, stowaways, FFO claims and fines & penalties.

We are the leader in maritime intelligence & fraud investigation in Bangladesh and provide investigative consulting expertise necessary to handle claims and resolve dispute through fact-finding, critical analysis and ship, container, cargo & other maritime assets tracking.


Our dedicated legal team provides fast, clear and decisive legal support using its knowledge of industry dynamics and critical business drivers.

We provide expert legal advice on all issues relating to charter parties, contract of affreightment and other transportation contracts involving a variety of vessels including tankers, offshore support vessels, LNG carriers and containerships. We also deal force majeure risks, freight, dead freight, demurrage, letter of credit and bill of lading disputes.

We handle all sorts of FD&D claims, particularly relate to repair contract, stevedore service, bunker & necessary supplies and employment contract. We provide expert guidance on maritime debt recovery, maritime claim enforcement and security regime mainly lien on cargo and ship arrest & release procedure in the port of Chittagong, Mongla and Payra.

On the transactional side, we work on ship finance, ship sale & purchase particularly cash buy and demolition sale and shipbuilding contract. We offer legal consultancy service to our clients with every stage of marine project development, from regulatory approvals, environmental assessments to the procurement, build, finance and operation of vessels or marine facilities such as floating storage, terminal - and finally the transportation of cargo to market.

Assurance Maritime Bangladesh Limited is a dynamic and rapidly expanding maritime claims & legal consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

We provide a comprehensive service to the global shipping industry. We have expertise and experience in all aspects of admiralty and marine casualty & response, third party liability (P&I) claims, charter parties & other transportation contracts and transactional works. Our team is comprised of some of the most talented master mariners and shipping lawyers in the region. We understand how the market functions and this means that we can provide our client with practical claims & legal support that makes business sense.

We represent the full spectrum of those involved in the global maritime industry, including ship owners, charterers, ship managers & operators, P&I clubs, H&M underwriters, defence clubs, marine and energy insurers, cash buyers, transport intermediaries, ship finance banks, insurance brokers, international law firms, salvors, national governments and port authorities.